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For some time now I’ve been playing the upcoming game Quantum Break from Remedy Entertainment and Microsoft Studios. At the time of writing I’ve already lost count of how much time I’ve put into the game since I kept repeating missions, live streaming some select parts and replaying parts of the game to see new things. What do I mean by new things?

I’ll explain later on, but for now here is my full review of the Xbox One release Quantum Break. How is Shawn Ashmore’s adventure… wait, I mean Jack Joyce’s in Quantum Break? Let’s find out!

Quantum Break follows the main character Jack Joyce on a grand adventure. While I would like to explain how he (Jack Joyce) obtained his powers, that will remain for me to know and you to find out once the game releases. However, I’ll go a bit into the game where he already has access to these new powers. Now you may be wondering what powers he has, right? Just to name a few:  he’s able to move around when time is frozen, pause time in focused spots, slow down time and much more.

Quantum Break

After a series of events in-game you’ll find Jack Joyce learning that he has obtained the powers mentioned above. In the above photo you can see him action with one of the abilities that will appear as you play. Some games will continue from one-act to the next–or one scene to the next–without any way of indicating that the transition has happened. Quantum Break splits each act into clearly denoted “scenes” that are separated by short cut scene events. This adds to the feeling of playing through a TV show with commercial breaks. The only difference is that you are the main character and affect how the show plays out. Some choices you make at the end of each act will have a larger effect on the plot of the game and live action episodes than others.

When it comes to the controls of the game it’s quite fluid in terms of how it feels to me personally. While I’ve had some viewers during my live streams of select areas ask if it plays like “Gears of War” in terms of how it plays my answer is no. The controls to the game are very easy to learn since right from the start Quantum Break will inform you what buttons will do what in-game. Most games do this tutorial. After putting time into the game you’ll learn new abilities in which the game will inform you holding a button longer or with quick taps will activate those new-found powers.

As for the gameplay itself it’s quite interesting with the concept of the game, controlling some points of time, making choices that will affect how the story plays out to a point. If you’re like me and enjoy playing games more than once to see what you may have missed out on. While playing Quantum Break I’ve learned that even finding some hidden items may extend the live action episodes to a point, but I’ve yet to find everything to see what “secrets” the game may be hiding.


The graphics themselves are reminiscent of a TV show with live actors–with actual live action scenes at the end of each act. These short episodes provide more insight into what is happening with the main characters and the events in-game. However, your choices at the end of each act affect the story-line that both the game and the live action episodes follow. Since the game characters are modeled after and voiced by the actors in the live action scenes, they fit together well and the transition between game characters and live people is fairly seamless. The sound effects during gameplay match well with the between-act episodes and the music selected to go with the game…adds to the experience. (I listened to “Africa” by Toto for several hours because of Quantum Break–let’s just leave it at that.)

When it comes to Quantum Break there is much to see as you play and a lot of questions to be asked. While I would like to go into the questions I have I simply can’t write them here in this review. However, hopefully with the questions I happen to have I hope to see them answered in possible DLC or if the powers that be called Remedy Entertainment announces a second game.

Overall, the team at Remedy Entertainment did a great job on the game Quantum Break. This comes from the storytelling, the live action scenes throughout the game, the actors within the game–both live action and computer-generated. Honestly, I could keep this part of the review going on forever on things I really liked about the game. To be straightforward this is a one-of-a-kind game that is worth coming back to even after you’ve beaten it. Quantum Break will have you coming back for more!

A code for Quantum Break was provided for review purposes. For more information on Quantum Break you can go to http://www.quantumbreak.com/.


  • Spectacular story telling
  • The use of actors both in-game and in the live action show
  • Rocking soundtrack in which I be singing Africa by Toto right now
  • Having a game feel as if you were controlling a TV show
  • Solid controls and fun battles throughout the game


  • I would've like to see more to the story itself
  • Wish there was more episodes to the live action show


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