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Review: Swords & Soldiers (PS3)

Walk right. Kill things. A simple philosophy.

Review: 4X4 Hummer (Steam)

4X4 Hummer by 1C, part of the Racing Megapack on Steam, is an off-road simulator that lets you drive a 4WD vehicle over terrain that would get you killed in rea...[Read More]

Review: Drawn Dark Flight (PC)

Back in August I had the chance to attend a press conference for what was, at the time, known to me as Drawn 2. Having played the original Drawn on PC prior to ...[Read More]

Review: Cooking Dash 3 Thrills & Spills (PC)

Last week, and the week before that, I wrote about the latest Dash game from PlayFirst, Cooking Dash 3: Thrills & Spills. I was genuinely excited to play th...[Read More]

Review: House, M.D. (PC)

I’m obsessed with House, MD. I truly am. That was probably evident back on August 13 when I told you all about House, MD by Legacy Interactive. That may h...[Read More]

Review – Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

Birth By Sleep manages to tie together confusing story threads while also providing a fully-fledged, deeper combat system with production values that match the ...[Read More]

Review – Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time

Whether you gave it try when it originally released or not, have played a Ratchet & Clank or have never touched the series, A Crack in Time is a PS3 title w...[Read More]

Review Roundup: Pocket Devil: Hell Yeah!, Rodger the Racoon, and Pinch (iOS)

We at World of Meh occasionally receive review codes for iPhone games.  Our most recent batch included Pocket Devil – Hell Yeah!, Rodger the Racoon, and P...[Read More]

Review: Nancy Drew Secrets Can Kill (PC)

When I was a little girl, I remember hearing about these Nancy Drew novels, but even though I was an avid reader, they just never appealed to me. Recently I had...[Read More]

Review: ManStruggle (FB)

I know what you’re thinking… a game review for something on Facebook? YES! A game review for something on Facebook! Let me assure you, it will all m...[Read More]

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