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Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops (XBL)

As I’m sure everyone is aware, Treyarch’s new game, Call of Duty: Black Ops was released on November 9. Well, in the last two days, I’ve had t...[Read More]

Free to Play MMO Perspective: EverQuest II Extended (PC)

It's free, and it's fun, what more do you need?

Weekly Retro Review: Chakan the Forever Man

Every gamer has one game in their memory. It’s a certain kind of game, one that the gamer in question both loves and hates. The hatred tends to stem from ...[Read More]

Review: Unlikely Suspects (PC)

I recently finished playing several hours of Unlikely Suspects, the latest PC offering from MumboJumbo Games. The premise of the game is simple: a murder happen...[Read More]

Review: Fable III (X360)

Before going into the review I want to warn you all that there are major spoilers ahead. Normally I do my best to avoid spoilers, however in order to properly r...[Read More]

Review: Shank (Steam)

Shank takes everything great from our old school side scrolling days, and combines it into a package well worth the 15 dollar asking price

Review: Dream Chronicles (XBLA)

A few months ago I reviewed Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air for PC. When I found out last week that the original Dream Chronicles was coming to XBLA, I was al...[Read More]

Weekly Retro Review: The Splatterhouse Trilogy

Happy Halloween, and welcome to a new tradition here at World of Meh. I’ll be writing a weekly review, looking back at games from the past. And considerin...[Read More]

Review: Streets of Moscow (Steam)

Don't you hate it when your girlfriend is abducted by a gang and you have to save her and the entire world by retrieving an experimental engine and racing aroun...[Read More]

Review – Great White Destroyer (PC)

A happy shark god is a powerful shark god.

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