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Review: Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air (PC)

Today, I spent a good portion of my time playing, and completing, Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air by PlayFirst. Well before the game was released, I knew I wa...[Read More]

Review: Chocolatier: Sweet Society (FB)

For the past 48 hours, I’ve been binging on Chocolatier: Sweet Society by PlayFirst for Facebook. I’m already hooked, and I know that no good can co...[Read More]

Review: Blur (X360)

Back in March, I was fortunate enough to grab a code for the Blur multiplayer beta.  I tried it out, and enjoyed it immensely, but didn’t play more than a...[Read More]

Review: Dragon Age: Origins Awakening (X360)

I should probably start this review off saying that I am a big BioWare fan. I cracked out on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire, so I wasn’t...[Read More]

Review: Dragon Age: Origins Darkspawn Chronicles (X360)

Today BioWare released it’s recent installment to the Dragon Age franchise, downloadable content titled Darkspawn Chronicles. News broke about this a coup...[Read More]

Review: Dragon Age: Origins (X360 DLC)

I enjoyed Dragon Age: Origins immensely, as indicated in this review.  What I didn’t mention in the review is that we downloaded and played all of the DLC...[Read More]

Review: Dragon Age: Origins (X360)

Since childhood, I have been a great fan of fantasy.  I have played many fantasy-genre RPGs over the last two decades, and they remain one of my favorite genres...[Read More]

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