2K Sports

Review: NBA 2K13 (360)

I don’t often play sports games, but lately I’ve been playing quite a few, including the most recent NBA release from 2K Sports, NBA 2K13. I’ve noticed that there are a lot of different factors that bring players in to a franchise such as this year after year, such as the team rosters, the soundtrack, […]

Review: MLB Bobblehead Battle (XBLA)

When I play sports games, baseball is definitely not one of my normal selection. I generally tend to pick up tennis or soccer before anything else. That being said, MLB Bobblehead Battle is a far cry from something like 2K Sports’ MLB 2K series. With a quirky bobblehead style, and gameplay reminiscent of an arcade […]

Top Spin 4 Announced – With Totally Radical Pre-Order Bonus

The Persian side of my family has always been deeply into Tennis and Soccer (football, if you’re not American).  When I would visit as a kid, the summer would be full of watching one particular player: Andre Agassi.  In the late 80s/early 90s, even if you didn’t care about tennis, you knew who Andre Agassi […]

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