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ReviewTubers: Pushing Up Roses

When it comes to video-based media I love movies and tv shows, but above everything else the last few years I find myself consistently watching regularly releasing content on YouTube. My favorite content to watch is a small corner of creators who specialize in Game Reviews, some of them more serious, others more silly, but most are a mix of the two. Doing bits and riffs on games, funny editing and...[Read More]

Thimbleweed Park Review (Nintendo Switch)

Nostalgia is everywhere you look today. From remakes to remasters to reunions, the past has made it to the present and is filling the void left when a certain piece of media’s credits finished rolling. Thimbleweed Park is an interesting take on nostalgia, because if you were to simply look at this point-and-click adventure game from Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert, you may think it was bro...[Read More]

Square Enix Collective Releases Anime Adventure Game Tokyo Dark on Steam

This one’s been a long time coming. Originally Kickstarted in May 2015, Cherrimochi’s Tokyo Dark is out now on Steam! Featuring an anime art style and a dark take on the point-and-click adventure genre, Tokyo Dark promises a unique spin on what has generally been a more light-hearted genre.

Second Danganronpa V3 Roll Call Trailer Introduces Five New Characters

NIS America continues to give gamers a look at who they can expect to encounter in its upcoming release, Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, with its Ultimate Roll Call videos, and today the publisher has released its second.

Syberia 3 Hits PC and Consoles in April

Point-and-click adventure game fans are in for a little treat, as Microids unveiled the official release date for Syberia 3, which will be heading to PC/Mac, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, in April of 2017.

The Little Acre Review

Released at the tail end of December, The Little Acre kind of got lost among the shuffle of big budget releases and Steam/PS4 sales. That’s unfortunate, because this game is a gorgeous, bite-sized love letter to the classic LucasArts adventure games of the ‘90s with modern control sensibilities and a humor and writing style all its own.

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