April Fools’

Attack on Titan Season 2 Really Did Premiere Yesterday

Yesterday was a day filled with false news and funny jokes from just about every journalism outpost, as well as major companies. Among these bits of news, Crunchyroll touted that the long awaited second season of the hit anime Attack On Titan (also known as Shingeki No Kyojin) would be premiering on that same day of jokes. While I was extremely skeptical of this, I was surprised to find that later...[Read More]

GeForce Announces GeForce GTX G-Assist

Have you ever been the victim of inopportune timing? Has your family demanded that you do something immediately even though you are in the middle of a non-pausable game? Have you ever had your body just force you to go to the bathroom or get food? Well if you answered yes to any of these questions or to all of them then you are in luck because GeForce has announced the GTX G-Assist to help you wit...[Read More]

FFXV Drive-In Theater DLC

One of the more interesting aspects of Square Enix’s latest Final Fantasy entry is the game’s primary mode of transportation, the ever fancy Regalia convertible. Fans of the car will be pleased to know that a FFXV Drive-In Theater DLC will soon be available! The Regalia is a unique part of the game’s over all experience and it is nice to see that players will have more to do with...[Read More]

Playstation Versa Handheld Console Announced

There were a ton of awesome things we got to see at PAX East and while there have been a ton of cool previews and news we’ve covered in the aftermath, there’s been something new leaked by those who had a better connection to Sony. I imagine this information was shared in confidence, but somebody, somewhere online has spilled the beans and I have to admit this could change the handheld ...[Read More]

Nintendo Announces Captain N: The Next Generation

In an announcement that is completely amazing and also completely true, the company that brought us Mario and Link and Rob the Robot and all our other favorite woodland critters has announced that they are updating Captain N. Are you ready for the next generation of video game heroes to star in a horrible television show? Because I certainly am!

Valve & Nexon Team Up for Vindictus Fun

For today, and today only, players of Vindictus are in for a special treat as they’ll need to help two familiar Valve characters find their way home. Players level 10 and above will be able to take part in the special quest “Strange Travelers” that will be activated by speaking with Emmass at the Inn in Colhen.

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