Arcade Classics

NEOGEO Classic Aero Fighters 2 Returns

Remember arcades in the ’90s? Filled with great fighting games like Mortal Combat and Street Fighter II; Rush and Cruisin’ USA racing rigs off to one side, and most of the time, a big red NEOGEO cabinet somewhere semi-prominent, loaded with variety of fighters, a puzzle game or two, and maybe a Metal Slug or Aero Fighters game.

Backlog Burndown #20 – Flicky Bird

Greetings Backloggers! Nearly thirty years before Flappy Bird tapped its way onto phones and tablets around the world, a different semi-flightless bird bounded her way through the world’s arcades. Starring a blue bird named Flicky trying to rescue her chicks from the predations of cats and lizards, the eponymous game would be ported to a number of systems including the SEGA Genesis.

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