Ark: Survival Evolved

Xbox One X Brings Major Graphical Enhancements to Released Games

With the launch of Microsoft’s Xbox One X console, a number of games have been releasing updates to provide enhanced graphical experiences for gamers choosing either to upgrade from an existing Xbox One console, or getting into the Xbox One universe for the first time with an Xbox One X. Below are the announced games which feature improvements for the new console. Marooner’s Rock will ...[Read More]

ARK: Survival Evolved Gets New DLC ” Aberration”

Launching in October 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam, “Aberration” will be the second Expansion Pack for ARK: Survival Evolved, joining the desert-themed Scorched Earth map in continuing to shed light onto the vast mysteries of ARK! This new adventure will place survivors on a damaged ARK whose internal atmosphere has leaked away, resulting in a harsh surface with intense radiation and a...[Read More]

Massive Update for ARK: Survival Evolved Released

Today, Studio Wildcard has released the V258 Update for ARK: Survival Evolved. Not only does this update contain a gas-powered motorboat, a deadly Harpoon Gun, more explorer notes, and five new creatures, but it also contains…wait for it…AN INTERACTIVE TOILET. Yes, you read that right. By using this new state-of-the-art toilet technology, you will receive a “refreshing” buf...[Read More]

ARK: Survival Evolved Update Brings New Music, Creatures, and Gear to Xbox One and PS4

Popular dinosaur-survival game Ark: Survival Evolved received a new update from developer Studio Wildcard introducing some new gear. The news also includes four new creatures, new music tracks, additional player character hair customization options, and a revised volcano. Other updates include adding full console-style gamepad functionality to the Steam version of the game, a welcome addition for ...[Read More]

ARK: Survival Evolved Gets New Expansion and Xbox One Update!

With PAX West right around the corner, we are about to get a lot of exciting news. Studio Wildcard said once again, why wait until the event? Today they announce the release of their first expansion pack entitled Scorched Earth for their hit ARK: Survival Evolved.

Things Get Pretty Dam Intense In New Ark Update

This past week, Studio Wildcard released a new update for their survival game ARK on PC. What’s the update? Beavers and Handcuffs. No, it isn’t 50 Shades of ARK (as much as I kind of want to see that crossover).

Ark: Survival Evolved gets Release Date and Price

As someone who’s been playing Ark: Survival Evolved on PC I’ve always been excited for the Xbox One release. Well now you can cheer since the release date and price has been announced via IGN. However, this will not be the “Full Game” the release will be via the Xbox One early access. Now let’s get onto the news you all want to know about!

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