Video Game Tattoos: Yay or Nay?

At some point in life, everybody considers getting a tattoo whether they want to admit it or not. Some go through with it, while others choose not to for various reasons.

Our Sunday Snafu

Sunday was a crazy day. We were both exhausted from our Anniversary celebration the night before, and I was even more tired because I went to sleep feeling a little sick and with a migraine. That morning, Chris made us a delicious breakfast and then we found out about that fantastic Blur game deal, so we were off to do that. Afterwards we cleaned in preparation for his family member who would star...[Read More]

*UPDATED* Now I Can Pee Like A Man!

*UPDATE* – I missed it before because it didn’t show up in Google Chrome, but on the How To page, there is an actual video. Seeing that I couldn’t add it to the post, I searched on YouTube and came across it, but the YouTube version includes an AMAZING song lol! Scroll down to bottom of post for video. Slightly NSFW. OK… so, as a woman, I’ve almost always been jealous...[Read More]

Toe Noes!

(Disclaimer: In the post you are about to read, the images used are NOT our feet. I used them so that there wasn’t just a wall of text. The only true image, which is of my painted toes, is the one on the main page for the scroll bar header. I’d rather cut off my feet than have some of the toes below….) Over the past couple of days, I have suffered through not one, but two injurie...[Read More]

No More Heroes

On Friday, May 14th,  it was announced that the bastards at NBC pulled the plug on Heroes. NBC has been doing a lot of stupid things lately (don’t even get me started on the whole Conan bit…) so I suppose we can add this to their long list of fuck-ups.

Almighty Mr. Ice for iPhone

Over the past few days I’ve been looking for some new iPhone games to get, and when scrolling through the recent titles I saw one named Almighty Mr. Ice. When I read the description, it looked like a simple little side-scrolling platformer, and was similar to Mario. I started to become genuinely interested in downloading it until I looked at the screenshots. In this shot right here, everythi...[Read More]

Twitter Messes Up Again (Shocker!)

For the past couple of days, Twitter has been…unreliable. Sure we’ve had problems with Twitter in the past, and feel like the Fail Whale is a part of the family, but it’s getting to be a bit too much. Last night the dreaded Fail Whale started making multiple appearances on peoples screens, when trying to tweet error messages were popping up claiming server and internal errors, an...[Read More]

Mad Libs!

A couple of weeks ago we announced that we would be sharing some of the ridiculous Mad Libs that we do together in bed before we go to sleep. Today, I bring you some more. As always, I will post the ones I asked Chris to fill in, and he will post the ones where I provided the answers. I’ll be nice and issue a disclaimer again: loads of penis references, bizarre stuff, and I can assure you th...[Read More]

I’m Sick!

I hate being sick, I really do….so when I woke up yesterday morning with a sore throat, I simply assumed it was allergies. Plus, Chris informed me that I was snoring like a bear in my sleep. Two logical reasons for me to have a sore throat. Drinking hot tea didn’t get rid of it, and this morning when I woke up, it was worse. Thinking that maybe it could be my acid reflux, I got out of ...[Read More]

So long, and thanks for all the fish…

The end comes for us all, and unfortunately, it seems that the end has come for the World of Meh.  To be fair, the end has been here for quite some time, sipping on tea in the lounge, waiting only for a formal introduction.  Well, ladies and gentlemen (all none of you, at this point), allow me the honor and privilege of introducing our dear friend, The End! This will, most likely, be the last post...[Read More]

Asshole friend

Whoever did this is a real asshole… … … … But it makes for a hilarious GIF! That can’t have felt good. -Because I said so

An Interesting Altercation

I like love NEED to wash my hands.  I wash them very thoroughly and very vigorously on a frequent basis.  If I touch our dog, I wash my hands.  If I touch a bathroom door (or anything in a bathroom), I wash my hands.  If I touch a slightly dirty dish, I was my hands.  If I touch my hands, I wash my hands!  Well, not so much that last one, but I am very neurotic about my hands.  Why does any of thi...[Read More]

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