Batman Month

Batman Month: Storylines to Base Ben Affleck’s Solo Film on

As we close out this year’s Batman Month, we’re going to look at one thing I’m super curious about: the possible ideas for Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie.

Batman Month: The Best Animated Movies

There are tons of animated films starring the Dark Knight, but which are really worth your time?

Batman Month: Top 5 Elseworlds Batmen

Once again, the Dark Knight descends upon Marooner’s Rock, for it is Batman Month! And today, we’re going to look at the five best Batmen from the Elseworlds multiverse. To make the list, these all have to be versions of Bruce Wayne, and be different in some major way, be it setting, abilities, or whatnot. And here… we… go…

Batman Month: Animated! The Best Monster Episodes

It’s back! As has been a tradition here on the Rock, October is once again Batman Month!

Batman Month: The Dark Knight’s Greatest Loves

When you’ve been a billionaire playboy philanthropist superhero since 1939, you probably build up quite a little black book. While Bruce Wayne’s may not be as populated by actual named characters as Tony Stark’s, that just makes it more interesting. Bruce Wayne often uses his highly publicized dating life as a way to divert attention from his activities as Batman, so when he meet...[Read More]

Batman Month: The Best Batman Games (that don’t have Arkham in the title)

It’s that time of year again. The nights are getting longer, the chill is in the air, the shadows are getting scarier… and that’s the time of the Dark Knight! So, as year 3 of Batman Month begins again, I intend to divulge from my vast knowledge of the Caped Crusader. And to begin, since we’re getting a brand new entry in the popular Arkham game series, we’re going to...[Read More]

Batman Month: The Dark Knight Trilogy Analysis

They’ve probably been the biggest source of Batman’s newfound popularity with the non-geeky crowd, and there’s a lot going on those films. So in this final article of Batman Month, let’s talk about those themes, the ideas at work behind them, and the comics that inspired the stories. Keep in mind, this is not a review, and there will be spoilers everywhere. You are warned.

Batman Month: The Legacy of Joe Chill

People tend to forget the name. Often, it works to simply say he was just a random guy with a gun, looking to score some cash when he shot a young boy’s parents. It’s easy to associate him with the symbol of crime and how the only real deterrent against it is vigilance. But he had a name: Joe Chill. And he was the man who indirectly created Batman.

Batman: The Modern Animation Retrospective

Yup, it’s time again for another animation retrospective, and since it’s Batman Month, let’s do Batman’s modern animation history.

Batman Month: A History of The Robins

For years, we’ve always associated one other character with Batman, regardless of medium or storyline. We always argued as kids, who would be Batman and who would be Robin? But Robin has become more than just a character, or even a joke. Robin is now a legacy, just as major as Batman himself. Let’s talk about them, shall we?

Batman Through the Ages!

And by ages, I mean the major comic book ages!

The Martial Arts of Batman

In one Batman novel, he said that violence is the language of thugs and bullies, and that one should be fluent for when reason doesn’t work.

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