Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II Behind the Story Trailer

The highly anticipated Star Wars Battlefront II has a new trailer. The Star Wars Battlefront II Behind the Story Trailer goes into the details about making the story of the single-player campaign itself. Featuring concept art, people working on the game in development, statements from actors, designers, directors, and more! The whole trailer is centered around what questions they asked to create t...[Read More]

Battlefront II Gameplay, Post Launch Plan Revealed

Do you love the Star Wars franchise? Did you love the original Star Wars Battlefront games? Did the 2015 Battlefront not quite fill that hole you were hoping it would? Well EA seems to have a game for you. Saturday at EA Play 2017, we got our first look at some Star Wars Battlefront II gameplay, and it did not disappoint. Not only is there a story mode which wasn’t shown, but the multiplayer...[Read More]

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