Book Review: Doctor Who

Recently, BBC released three brand new novels based on its incredibly popular franchise, Doctor Who. I could have easily reviewed each book from Broadway Paperbacks separately, but there is a reason all three are being reviewed together. We have three different novels, and they are:

Doctor Who Coming to PlayStation Home

Last week, LOOT Entertainment teased a live stream audience with a new trailer, titled “Soon.” The trailer was short, and didn’t have much video content, but there was a very deliberate noise. Some may have contended that it sounded like Godzilla in heat, but they would be a vocal minority. Needless to say, this morning’s announcement shouldn’t come as too much of a s...[Read More]

New Who In Time For Christmas

The fourth of the BBC’s Doctor Who games, published by Sumo Entertainment, is going to be available just in time to slide it into your virtual stocking.

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