Win LEGO Harry Potter Swag & More Courtesy of 120 Games

Alright, for those of you who have been keeping track, this years Blogathon has turned out to be pretty crazy. Not only have we chosen One Love for Chi as our charity, but we have been given prizes galore to give away as raffle prizes. So far we’ve received Band Hero kits from Activision, a Sims 3 Prize Package from EA, t-shirts and goodies from The ECA, loads of PSP games from Mumbo Jumbo, ...[Read More]

Win a Copy of The Sims 3 & More

With our One Love for Chi Blogathon Fundraiser coming up this Saturday, the prizes are still rolling on in. Our friends at EA have donated an awesome The Sims 3 prize package, and I think you’re all going to like it.

The Dirty Dowdy Podcast

Late last night, I was a guest on the Dirty Dowdy Podcast. If you’ve never heard of it before, it’s local, and the host is my friend Chris, whom I’ve known for over 10 years. I was on to talk about World of Meh!, our One Love for Chi Blogathon fundraiser, and to tell people how they can get involved and donate.

We’re going back on Central Valley Buzz!

Last week, Chris and I went on popular local internet/radio show Central Valley Buzz. We had a lot of fun, got to plug the site, got to plug our One Love for Chi fundraiser, and we even got a kind donation from show host Chuck Leonard.

More Raffle Goodies Courtesy of The ECA!

Ever since we announced our 2010 Blogathon charity, One Love for Chi, the response has been overwhelming. Not only have you guys been excited, but we have been as well. I promised you guys that I would be working on getting raffle prizes to make this Blogathon extra special, and so far I’ve delivered. Today is no different, and we have our friends at the Entertainment Consumers Association t...[Read More]

More Raffle Prizes Courtesy of Mumbo Jumbo Games!

Thanks to our friends at Mumbo Jumbo Games, we now have more goodies to give away during our One Love for Chi/Blogathon raffle coming up on the 31st! If you own a PSP, you should be getting excited. Not only has Mumbo Jumbo donated three great PSP games, but they have given us three copies of each!

Central Valley Buzz with Chuck Leonard

Yesterday, Chris and I went on to Central Valley Buzz to promote our site and help spread the word about our Blogathon fundraiser for One Love for Chi. Since we haven’t been on anything live in awhile, I was a little anxious, but I think we did a great job. For those of you who were unable to tune in, the repeat already aired early this morning, but I can give you a rundown of what went on. ...[Read More]

Tune in tomorrow!

As part of our ongoing campaign to promote our One Love for Chi fundraiser and Blogathon, Chris and I will be on local internet/radio show, Central Valley Buzz tomorrow. We will be discussing World of Meh!, One Love for Chi, Blogathon, and even our fantastic prizes. On their site, they have a chat box so you can even talk to us and possibly get a mention on air! To watch us make complete fools of ...[Read More]

One Love for Chi/Blogathon Fundraiser is on!

** Update – Since writing this post, prizes from Activision, Central Valley Buzz, Mumbo Jumbo Games, and the ECA have arrived. More packages are expected any day now, so check back often!** Hey there readers! So I know that on July 1st we were supposed to start with our Blogathon fundraiser, but there was an issue with their site and servers. We were told to wait until Monday, and it’s...[Read More]

My Birthday Wish List

With my 28th (I know, I’m so old) birthday coming up in just 5 days, I feel a wish list is in order. If little kids can get away with it, then I have every right to have a list too. The items listed range from highly unlikely to possible, and are placed in no particular order. So with that…here’s my wish list. New Washing Machine If you happened to read the post yesterday about o...[Read More]

Blogathon Announcement: And Our Charity is….

Hello there World of Meh! readers. Last month I told you all that we would be doing the Blogathon again this year. I also hinted at what our charity would be. I did get a couple of guesses, but nobody got it right. With sign-ups officially starting on July 1st, I figured I should let you all in on who we have chosen this year. Think you know who it could be? I’m proud to announce that this y...[Read More]

Writers Wanted

Currently, World of Meh! is handled by both myself and Chris. With Chris working full-time, 6 days a week, and me only being able to think up of so much to write about, we are looking for a few bright, snarky, and geeky individuals to join us. I should probably state that it’s a voluntary position meaning there is no financial compensation involved. World of Meh! is a labor of love, and to d...[Read More]

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