Brothers in Arms: Furious 4

Marooners’ Talk: Episode 023 – “Looking Forward”

The original idea for this episode of the Marooners’ Talk podcast was to really get into our anticipated titles for the rest of calendar year 2012. While we eventually got around to that, I believe our first 30-45 minutes focused on Internet providers, Doctor Who, used games, and various other topics. Come to think of it, the last 15 minutes kind of got off topic, too, so you’ve got ab...[Read More]

E3 2011: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier’s chief weapon is fun…fun and creativity. Its two weapons are fun and creativity…and excellent graphics. Its three weapons are fun, creativity, and excellent graphics…and wonderful sound. Its four…no… Amongst its weapons… Amongst its weaponry are such elements as fun, creativity, excellent graphics, and wonderful sound. …I...[Read More]

E3 2011: Brothers in Arms: Furious 4

Brothers in Arms: Furious 4 is a difficult game to describe. Thom took a shot and described it as Hogan’s Heroes meets Inglourious Basterds. Wait…that wasn’t very difficult at all. That pretty much nails it, actually. It’s gory, violent, and over the top like Inglourious Basters, and it’s fucking funny like Hogan’s Heroes. As a side note, I feel comfortable swea...[Read More]

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