Larian Studios Advent Calendar – Free Stuff!

Larian Studios, the ones behind the Divinity Original Sin I and II games, is doing an Advent Calendar! Each day promises digital prizes with more stuff to raffle off throughout the season! The calendar comes in the form of a comic that releases a new page each day with a hidden number somewhere in it. Find the number, click the link, submit and receive the exclusive goodie! The details for the Lar...[Read More]

Bungie Announces Destiny: The Dawning Is Coming To Town

I remember my first Destiny Christmas. It was filled with disappointment, and a weapon I couldn’t use. That seems to be different this year, with The Dawning launching on December 13th. With more holiday events than you can shake a candy cane at, The Dawning will make sure your stockings are stuffed with events, activities and loot!

Geek Thought of the Week: Rudolph and The Marvel Universe

In which we ponder how the world that fears those that are different would react to a red nosed reindeer.

Steam Is Having a Treasure Hunt

A fun event has begun on Steam! Read here for details!

Frosty – the Alaskan threat

So I came across the “Weird News” section of and laughter ensued. My first laugh was courtesy of a man being arrested for performing archaic dentistry out of his apartment. The real chuckler came from the great state of Alaska. In Anchorage, there is a rather large snowman dubbed Snowzilla. He is an enormous 25 feet tall and comes with all of the traditional trimmings. Snowzi...[Read More]

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