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Another World Gets 25th Anniversary Soundtrack Release

Action-adventure classic Another World is receiving a 25th Anniversary stand-alone release of its award winning soundtrack, publisher The Digital Lounge announced today. It is the first time the soundtrack has been available apart from exclusive Anniversary Deluxe editions.

Hollow Knight Gets Collector’s Edition from IndieBox

One of the most critically acclaimed games to release so far this year was a beautiful Metroidvania game by Team Cherry. Hollow Knight captured the hearts of its players almost immediately as reviews came in waves with praise and fans posted tons of artwork to social media. It’s a game that is supposedly challenging, but incredibly endearing with its fluid animation, classic gameplay, and ca...[Read More]

IndieBox Brings Back Boxed PC Titles

I’ve always been a huge fan of physical games, which has led me to pursue a lot of special releases through companies like Merge Games or Limited Run. This is mostly how I expand my video game library on consoles, but there’s another company working on bringing back what made PC gaming so much more fun in its earliest days. IndieBox creates affordable collector’s edition games fo...[Read More]

Duke Nukem Forever: Balls of Steel Edition

We may have mentioned Duke Nukem Forever at one time or another here at Marooners’ Rock. It is a game we are very much looking forward to, even more so now that a special edition release (and you know we love special editions) has been announced for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC to coincide with the game’s launch, May 3rd. In keeping with Duke Nukem’s style and pinache, the special editi...[Read More]

Review: Drawn Dark Flight (PC)

Back in August I had the chance to attend a press conference for what was, at the time, known to me as Drawn 2. Having played the original Drawn on PC prior to the meeting, I was already blown away by the series and had high expectations for the sequel. After playing Drawn: Dark Flight I can now confirm that all expectations have been met, and exceeded anything I could’ve imagined.

Fallout: New Vegas Collector’s Edition

I love getting bonus stuff. I’m sure you do, too. I love Fallout. You should, too. And even more, I love Collector’s Editions of great games, because it usually comes with great extra stuff. Fallout: New Vegas is no exception!

PlayFirst Announces Cooking Dash 3: Thrills & Spills

Remember how I told you all last week that PlayFirst had something sneaky up their sleeve? Well today is the day where the goods are unveiled!

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Collector’s Edition

It should be fairly clear that, around here, we love collector’s editions.  This should be nothing new to you, unless we are entirely new to you, in which case, allow me to state unequivocally that we do, in fact, love collector’s editions.  Now that you’re up to speed, there’s another collector’s edition coming out soon that has caught my eye.

Xbox Live Deal of the Week: Assassins Creed II

Fans of the Assassins Creed franchise will be happy to know that, starting tomorrow, the Xbox Live Gold Member Deal of the Week features some nicely discounted goodies for Assassins Creed II.

Civilization V Special Edition

I like special editions.  I like the Civilization series.  With that in mind, surely you can imagine the fanboy squeal that escaped my mouth this morning when I heard that Civilization V will have a Special Edition. It went something like, “eee!” (I am at work, so I had to restrain myself somewhat). Unfortunately, we don’t have any pictures of the special edition and it’s g...[Read More]

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Collector’s Edition

A few weeks ago, I gushed over the upcoming collector’s edition of Fable III.  The packaging is wonderful, the bonus items are relevant, entertaining, and a great way to connect the physical world with the game world.  I wouldn’t say no to more things being thrown in, but I also wouldn’t say no to dropping $79.99 on it either.  News has hit today of another big collector’s ...[Read More]

Fable III

First, I feel I should clear the air about my experiences with Fable II.  When last I spoke of Fable II, I believe I was a bit harsh in my judgement of the game.  In July of 2009, shortly after we received our Xbox 360 Elite, I set myself to playing Fable II.  As my first impression review stated, I was not impressed with it in comparison to the original Fable.  I picked the game up again in Novem...[Read More]

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