Caption Contest: Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City

WINNER ANNOUNCED: Robert Boyd has won the Batman: Arkham Asylum/Arkham City combo pack! Thank you all for participating, and keep your eyes open for more contests! Today marks the release of Batman: Arkham City, the highly anticipated sequel to what some consider the best superhero game of all time (not me, but some), Arkham Asylum. Are you looking forward to getting your hands on a copy of Arkham...[Read More]

UPDATED: Swinging Arms Like an Idiot Technique

WINNER ANNOUNCED: Jack (@gxgear) has won the copy of Fruit Ninja Kinect! Thank you all for participating, and keep your eyes open for more contests! There are few things as satisfying as waving your arms around in your living room like an absolute idiot. Fruit Ninja Kinect lets you do that, and it makes it fun in the process! Want a code? Well, you’re in the right place!

UPDATED: Win Vertical Ascent of Deeply Frightening Dreams

WINNER ANNOUNCED: Leon (@lmd1974) has won the copy of Rise of Nightmares! Thank you all for participating, and keep your eyes open for more contests! …or, as it is more commonly known, Rise of Nightmares! Do you have a Kinect? Do you enjoy video games? Have you always wanted to feel the grim satisfaction of swinging a chainsaw through necrotic flesh? Until the zombie apocalypse arrives, this...[Read More]

UPDATE: Scrum Up In Rugby World Cup 2011 (PSN)

WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Commentors Josh, ductongue, and jeffreynguyen and Twitter users @ramdomwolf and @brianimdiesel have won the five Rugby World Cup 2011 PSN codes! Thank you all for participating, and keep your eyes open for more contests! If you’re not familiar with the sport of Rugby, imagine a more physical version of American Football. Now remove some of the rules of American Football. N...[Read More]

BloodRayne: Betrayal Giveaway – Kill Vampires…With Style!

WINNER ANNOUNCED: Commentor iamlauratran has won! Thank you all for participating, and keep your eyes open for more contests! No, I don’t mean only kill vampires that have a sense of style (though perhaps showing a bit of prejudice towards them wouldn’t hurt). I’m talking about killing vampires in the beautifully styled game BloodRayne: Betrayal! “But Chris,” I hear y...[Read More]

(Updated) Enter Our Merry Unbirthday E3 Contest!

It took a bit to compile everything but the results are in! Congrats to mom4everandever for winning the War of the Worlds poster! Aldo, Arthur, and Volcombrandon are our Hulkster t-shirt winners! Congrats to Spookygirl for winning the Cooking Mama oven mitt and to Josh Moore for snagging the Neverwinter tote! Finally, congrats to Yohan Kim for winning the Atari tee and to Granite_Grizz for the Ali...[Read More]

Win Some Great Bethesda E3 Swag!

Congrats to our winners: Nate Bauernfeind, Patrick, Liljrsanchez, Britney, and Nicole Bouchard! Please email your shipping address so we can get your goodies to you right away! Well, we told you all we brought home swag so here is just a sample of what we’ll be giving away for the days and weeks to come!

Achievement April: … and the winners are?

Well, it is now June and April ended a long time ago…so many of you have to be wondering why we are announcing the winners of our latest contest now. The answer is quite simple really: PSN crashed and burned right before our eyes and we had to wait for it to return in all its glory. So, now that trophies have been synced and we can access the profiles of the competitors, who is the big winne...[Read More]

Calling All Evil Geniuses: Demiurge Studios Wants Your Robot Designs

Demiurge Studios, the developers of the upcoming downloadable game, “Shoot Many Robots”, has started the “Design Many Robots”┬ácontest and is asking for your best robot designs. Winners of the contest will have their robot featured in the first expansion of the game.

Participate in Achievement April and Win Prizes!

UPDATE: Due to us being so organized, the deadline for Achievement April has been pushed back to 11:59 PM PST on Friday, March 25th. This contest is still only open to continental U.S. residents (sorry) and we hope you’re all looking forward to it! It may be March 1st, but that doesn’t mean that plans for April can’t begin! For the first time ever we will be celebrating the month...[Read More]

Give Us Your Best Robot in Our New Contest!

UPDATE: Congrats to our winners: Jason (Dad-bot), Jason Burich (BurriedInSnowBot), and Sean K (Cleverbot)! Please email your address so we can ship your prizes. To help celebrate the recent announcement of Orcs Must Die, the new game being worked on by the fine folks at Robot Entertainment, we will be giving away some nifty Robot swag!

Rock Out in Our New Contest!

Update: Congrats to our winner, SpeedBrkr! To keep the excitement rolling, here is another contest! Since we received so many great prizes for our big anniversary contest, we ended up having some goodies left. This week one lucky winner will receive a rockin’ package.

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