SteelSeries Releasing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Peripherals

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has launched, and people are playing the maps that they have played for years. How would you like to play on your PC with a little extra style? SteelSeries has recently announced an awesome new line-up of peripherals that are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive themed. We’ve got all of the details below for PC gamers that want to really cover their desks in Coun...[Read More]

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s New Game Mode

Last month, we found out that one of my favorite games, Counter-Strike, was getting a re-release of sorts onto consoles as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Loaded with new maps, updated classic maps from the original game, new game modes, ranked matchmaking, cross-platform play, leaderboards, new weapons, and more, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is going to absolutely kill any free time I may o...[Read More]

Counter-Strike Returns in CS:GO

I know this will probably lower some opinions of me, but I don’t particularly care for the Half-Life series. The only thing I really appreciate at all about Half-Life is that it served as the base for one of my favorite games of all time: Counter-Strike. Back in a time when I was still on dial-up, I spent many hours (and many dollars) at local LAN/Online game centers playing de_rats, de_dust...[Read More]

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