Absolver Character Creation and Customization Trailer Released

Devolver Digital and Sloclap has released a trailer for their upcoming game Absolver. Coming to PS4 and PC at the end of August they decided to show off the Character Creation and Customization available to players. The trailer features various aspects of the character creation and equipment screens showing off different types of masks and clothing. It’s notable that they are specifically tr...[Read More]

Shoot Many Robots – Customization

I have a great fondness for shooting robots. Two of my favorite shooter experiences, 2010’s Vanquish and the very recent Binary Domain, are both focused on dismantling robots by way of bullet hell. That’s part of why, even though it’s a very different format and style than both of the aforementioned games, I’m very excited for Shoot Many Robots. I like shooting robots. Shoo...[Read More]

Food For The Worms

What do Elvis Presley, WormsTM , and this faithful reporter have in common?  A lot more than you might think…

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