Vampire Talents for Dark and Pre-Order Bonuses!

Do you like games about stealth? What about vampires? Then you will be looking forward to “Dark”. The games  is due to release this summer by Kalypso Media. Also, those who pre-order Dark will get three digital bonuses; 1) a strategy guide, 2) the main theme song, plus a remix, and 3) digital wallpapers and digital poster to download and print! A picture of the pre-order bonuses can be...[Read More]

New Trailer for Dark Shows Off Special Powers

Do you enjoy games that allow you to sneak around and kill the AI? Who hasn’t played a game that allows you to do just that! During GDC Kalypso Media is proud to release yet another trailer for the upcoming game they’re publishing. This is a new trailer for the upcoming game Dark and will show off some powers that can be used within the game. What is Dark? Well I’ll let the new t...[Read More]

Metro: Last Light “Genesis” Trailer Released

Are you looking forward to some upcoming games in 2013? Well as you know Metro: Last Light is going to be one big game that releases next year. I’ll be honest that I already have a list of games I must check out on day one. As you guessed this has  made it on that list. You’ve learned in past videos what has caused the end of the world along with a little bit of gameplay from the game....[Read More]

King of Kings 3: An Introduction to the Class System

Lately, I’ve been bringing you news about some of the good, free to play, online games and today, I’ve got another for you to watch for! Introducing King of Kings 3. Unlike the others King of Kings 3 has something that makes it more unique than the others, it’s class system.

Review: Rainblood: Town of Death (PC)

Originally from China, Rainblood has been through many patches, translations, and rewrites but it has finally made it’s way to the states. This game has many different aspects that make it appealing to anyone who has a deep love for RPGs and Eastern culture.

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