Dead Space

Perception Is A Wonderful Mix Of Atmosphere and Characterization

Survival horror is a favorite genre of mine. I’ve always enjoyed good tension and feeling helpless in a video game (if that doesn’t sound weird). In my opinion, a good horror game needs to make the player defenseless, so the stakes feel even higher when approaching a each situation. A sort of disadvantage I guess I could say, the most common one is not being much a fighter, forcing the player to r...[Read More]

Fear the Enemies in the New Dead Space 3 Trailer

With Dead Space 3 getting closer to release day I’ve been working on beating both Dead Space and Dead Space 2. Who wouldn’t want to be refreshed and  hyped up about Dead Space 3? EA has released a new trailer for your viewing. Do you have what it takes to play this game solo or with a friend? Well here is what you may be seeing in the coming days when Dead Space 3 is released.

Dead Space 3 Pre-Order Items Announced

Still wondering if you should pre-order Dead Space 3? Well here is some good news for you! Ever wondered what the special pre-order items would be? Who hasn’t! Enough waiting since it has finally been announced. Just reading from the list below sounds good to me. Hopefully we’ll be finding out if other retailers will have new items for the game. In the meantime keep an eye on Marooners...[Read More]

Marooners’ Talk: Episode 032 – “The Most Authentic Podcast Ever”

Initially, “The Most Authentic Podcast Ever,” the 32nd episode of Marooners’ Talk, was going to focus solely on the wrap-up of E3 2012. The day before we recorded, however, Tom McShea’s “interview” with Greg Goodrich on Medal of Honor Warfighter for GameSpot came to our attention. Tom McShea is a “video game journalist” holding the position of “...[Read More]

Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2

Its true. She does. There’s video. And EA thinks this will help sell the game.

Dead Space Gets Reanimated

The cartoon prequel to Dead Space II, Dead Space: Aftermath, will be released in January to coincide with the release of the game.

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