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Devolver Digital’s Cyberpunk Thriller, ‘The Red Strings Club,’ Launches January 22nd

Calling all punks and transhumanists—independent developer, Deconstructeam, and publisher, Devolver Digital’s, cyberpunk narrative adventure, The Red Strings Club, can be directly downloaded to your memory engrams starting on January 22nd. Thematically centered around fate and happiness, players will use Genetic Implant Pottery, Psychological Bartending, and impersonating people on the phone...[Read More]

Fourattic and Devolver Digital’s ‘Crossing Souls’ Arrives on PC and PS4 February 13th

Calling all 80s fans—independent developer Fourattic and Devolver Digital announced their retro-tastic adventure game, Crossing Souls, will be available February 13, 2018 on PC and PlayStation 4.

Ruiner Launches on PC, Xbox One, PS4

At a time when the Cyberpunk genre is starting to make a comeback, especially when early reviews of Blade Runner 2049 are praising the lofty sequel to a cult classic, Ruiner arrives at the perfect moment. Developed by Reikon Games and published by the twisted minds of Devolver Digital, Ruiner is a top down action game that requires frantic decision making in a broken world that needs change.

Absolver Character Creation and Customization Trailer Released

Devolver Digital and Sloclap has released a trailer for their upcoming game Absolver. Coming to PS4 and PC at the end of August they decided to show off the Character Creation and Customization available to players. The trailer features various aspects of the character creation and equipment screens showing off different types of masks and clothing. It’s notable that they are specifically tr...[Read More]

Devolver Digital Parodies E3 Conferences

The Electronic Entertainment Expo has been a part of my life since I was in my teens, spending hours of my summer watching the action on Tech TV/G4. It has always been an event where I gather up my friends and we just absorb everything the industry has to offer. Over the years though, especially with me now being able to examine the game industry with more accuracy, I’ve noticed a shift away...[Read More]

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