Cyber Sleuth – How Gameplay Impacts an RPG

During my moving trip from West Virginia to Alaska (more on that story later) by truck, I was given a lot of downtime to just hang out and play some games that I haven’t got to sink much time into. Pulling out my Vita, I flopped between Axiom Verge, a Metroid-style game that I reviewed a while back, and Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth. After a few hours of wandering about in the world of Digimon...[Read More]

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker’s Memory Drops Teaser Trailer

Digimon has always been one of my favorite shows, especially with its more elaborate stories and cool as hell art style. I truly found my love for the series in Season 3, which had a distinctively darker tone that really captured some interesting dynamics with its characters. Most are into the awesome monsters, which means a Pokemon-like RPG only makes sense. While there have been some awesome gam...[Read More]

Digimon Adventure tri Coming Soon to Theaters Near You!

Hello, fellow digidestined! Have you been wondering what is going on with the announced earlier this year Digimon Adventure tri? Well, surprise surprise! It premieres tomorrow night! Not only that, but it is premiering in 400 theaters around the United States! Quick, check out the trailer below, then check to see if a theater near you is premiering it!

Digimon Adventure Tri Hitting US Theaters in September

Ah, Digimon, possibly my favorite monster-centered phenomenon of the 90s and beyond, yes even more so than Pokemon. While, I’ll always enjoy the main Pokemon games the most, the Digimon anime was superior to me with its continuous plot lines and interesting creature designs. Couple this with the dark themes of the third season of Digimon makes me a lifelong fan.

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