Diner Dash

E3 2011: Orcs Must Die!

When Robot Entertainment first unveiled their upcoming action/strategy game, Orcs Must Die!, I misread the title. “Orcs Must Dine!? Oh, God. Please tell me this isn’t just another port of Diner Dash but with a medieval fantasy skin over it!” Not that there’s anything wrong with Diner Dash, of course. Diner Dash’s time management system is a valid gameplay mechanic tha...[Read More]

Review: Avenue Flo: Special Delivery (PC)

Having never played the original Avenue Flo PC game, I honestly was under the assumption that I would be playing another game similar to Cooking Dash, Diner Dash, and Wedding Dash. It took less than 30 seconds for the game to show me that what I was playing focused more on the characters in the DinerTown universe, and that I was in for a lot of mini-game fun.

Review: Cooking Dash 3 Thrills & Spills (PC)

Last week, and the week before that, I wrote about the latest Dash game from PlayFirst, Cooking Dash 3: Thrills & Spills. I was genuinely excited to play this, since I had never played a Cooking Dash game before, and before even going into the proper review, let me tell you this: I had an absolute blast.

New Dash Game Coming!

Well Friday sure is turning out to be an awesome day! Fans of the Dash series by PlayFirst will be thrilled to know that, next week, a new Dash game will be announced.

Review: Wedding Dash 4-Ever

A while ago I announced the upcoming sequel to the Wedding Dash franchise, Wedding Dash 4-Ever. Having only played the iPhone version before, I thought I could easily get through this game without any trouble. Boy was I wrong.

Review: Chocolatier: Sweet Society (FB)

For the past 48 hours, I’ve been binging on Chocolatier: Sweet Society by PlayFirst for Facebook. I’m already hooked, and I know that no good can come of this. I know, it was only a couple of weeks ago where I ranted about people playing games on Facebook, but I stayed true to my word and I haven’t been flooding my friends with status updates. Had I chosen to do that, my friends ...[Read More]

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