The Last Jedi Initial Spoiler Free Review

I distinctly remember sitting down at the theater to see my first Star Wars on the big screen. Though Episode I the Phantom Menace proved to be a disappointment for many, it sparked in me at 10 a love for all things Star Wars. As each of the remaining Prequel movies came out, I’d get hyped to see it in the theater, and each time I walked out amazed! Now as I’ve gotten older and wiser I recognize t...[Read More]

New Toy Story World Revealed for Kingdom Hearts III

Since its reveal at E3 2013, Square Enix has kept Kingdom Hearts fans waiting eagerly on the edge of their seats for any and all Kingdom Hearts III news. Much to the dismay of the Kingdom Hearts community, Square Enix has provided fans with very little information about the upcoming title throughout the four years. Prior to E3 2017, Square Enix announced that they would not be revealing any new in...[Read More]

New Kingdom Hearts III Info To Be Revealed at D23

Square Enix and Disney are set to announce some new information about Kingdom Hearts III at this year’s D23 Expo. Every ounce of Kingdom Hearts III news is worth its weight in platinum, so fans should be overjoyed to know there is a surprise in store. GamerPage has reported that there will be something coming and even pointed out an interesting piece from a Square Enix press release.

Disney Supposedly had Artists make Capcom Roster Ugly

There has been a few complaints flying around the internet about the weird looking character models in Marvel VS Capcom Infinite, a sequel to a game with extremely stylish presentation. Originally, I was under the impression these characters would look better in motion. However, a recent post from a supposed ex-employee of Capcom says otherwise on Reddit. Now, before I dive any more into this subj...[Read More]

New Cars 3: Driven to Win Gameplay Trailer Released

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has given us a deeper look into their upcoming title, Cars 3: Driven to Win. Obviously inspired by the Disney/Pixar upcoming film Cars 3, this title will put you behind the wheel of some of your favorite characters, including Lightning McQueen and Cruz Ramirez.

Disney Afternoon Collection Announced

Are you a fan of 1990s Disney cartoons? Do you remember when Disney decided to turn some of their minor characters into the stars of their own tv shows and games? Did you enjoy those shows and games? Well if the answer is yes then you are in luck because Capcom has announced that they will be releasing a collection of 1990s Disney games called the Disney Afternoon Collection.

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Trailer Emerges

I can hear people turning their heads at the sheer mention of Kingdom Hearts. No, its not the sequel we’ve been waiting for since watching the credits roll after the excellent Kingdom Hearts 2. However, Kingdom Hearts 2.8 is bringing one of the better handheld titles, Dream Drop Distance originally on the 3DS, to the PS4. Oh, and there is a mini episode as well that centers around Aqua and h...[Read More]

KINGDOM HEARTS UNCHAINED χ Downloaded Over 2 Million Times in North America

Surprised? Me neither, but good news besides. With a lot of funding riding on the upcoming Final Fantasy XV this September, Square Enix had to make some ground in other ways. Out of all the development teams out there, Square Enix has effectively capitalized on the mobile gaming market, albeit their software is usually a bit too expensive. Just last month, a new entry into the long running and bel...[Read More]

Take A Look Through The Looking Glass With Johnny Depp

Yesterday (March 29th), the newest trailer for Disney’s Alice Through The Looking Glass made its premiere on Facebook. (Check out the trailer here!) I have to say, I really enjoyed how visually stunning the first one was, but it looks like Tim Burton stepped up his game some how. (But then again, when doesn’t he?) Also, can we talk about how wonderful P!NK’s rendition of White Ra...[Read More]

Fantasia: Music Evolved Review

Harmonix returns to the music genre this week with Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved, a fresh take on their trademark focus. Bringing recognizable Disney characters together with tracks both classic and contemporary (and everything in between) presents players with a multitude of interesting observations to engage and delight. Design The main draw here is color in every range and shade. Every level i...[Read More]

Win a 1-Year Subscription to Marvel Super Heroes Magazine

Though none of you commented indicating you submitted an email, a winner has been chosen and notified. Thanks for playing! Do you have kids? Do you want your kids to grow up TOTALLY AWESOME with a healthy, cool, and not at all socially stigmatic love for comic books? Well, you’re in luck! This week, one lucky winner will get a full year’s subscription to Marvel’s new childrens...[Read More]

Movie Review: Tron Legacy

It’s like as though a bag of Skittles jumped into a can of Amp and had some Pixy Stix stirred into it and was then thrown into your eyes with a neon covered catapult. In other words, eye candy.

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