Rock Band DLC For 3/22/2016

Ripping the Band-Aid off for you hardcore rock junkies quick: It’s a Pop Week for DLC. The good news, these are actually really good songs from a few years back. The downside is I get a prediction wrong from a few weeks ago, but I am very happy I got this one wrong. The songs this week are:

Nien Nunb and Greedo Take Center Stage in Star War’s Battlefront’s Outer Rim DLC Trailer

On March 22nd, if you have purchased the Season Pass for Star Wars Battlefront, you will receive the Outer Rim DLC expansion. In this first wave of paid DLC, Nien Nunb and Greedo are added to the Hero roster. Yes, that means you can truly decide, time and time again, who shot first between Han and Greedo. Nien Nunb, on the other hand, is the Sullustan who flew with Lando Calrissian on the Millenni...[Read More]

3DRealms’ Bombshell DLC and Patch Released

Will Bombshell still tank though? It’s hard to deny Bombshell’s critical reception across the board. With a Metascore currently at 44, the game has been called “bad, boring, and broken”┬áby Gamespot. Now, a new patch hopes to offer stability to a game that may have been released too soon, but is still gaining traction by the creators and fans.

Trailer & Release Date Revealed for Fallout 4: Automatron DLC

The first add on for Bethesda’s Fallout 4 will be available to download on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on Tuesday, March 22nd, and will cost $9.99 in North America. In addition to the release information, a new trailer was included, which you can watch below.

First Free Update Detailed for The Division, Brings Incursions and Loot Trading

While there is a season pass for Ubisoft’s latest title, Tom Clancy’s The Division, they have stated there will be plenty of free updates for those who are attempting to save New York City from an unprecedented attack. The first of these updates, called Incursions, will be dropping sometime in April.

Rocket League Paint Job Comes To Dying Light, May or May Not Protect You From Zombie Horde

Rocket League and Dying Light are a pair of games that keep on giving. In a partnership between Techland (Dying Light) and Psyonix (Rocket League), content related to each game is now a part of the other.

More Farming Simulator 15 Content Coming to You!

Not long ago our one and only Dan Nixon and I put in some time with the game Farming Simulator 15 on the Xbox One. Boy did we have an interesting time, but he kept pushing my damn vehicles into the river. Though that was when the game first released. Fast forward to today and new DLC has been released for the game. What is it you ask? Let’s find out!

Steal with Friends! Thieves Guild DLC for ESO Available Now

Elder Scrolls Online continues their expansion of Tamriel with the newest expansion, focusing on the Thieves Guild. PC and Mac players can now travel to Abah’s Landing to help restore the titular guild, all while battling the oppressive Iron Wheel mercenary group. Xbox players will be able to join the cause on March 22nd, while PS4 heroes can expand their horizons on March 23rd.

Rock Band 4 DLC For The Week Of 3/7/2016

Hey girl. You know what, Rock Band just doesn’t have enough songs in it to say how wonderful YOU are. So that’s what this week’s DLC is about. By that, I mean it is a One Direction four pack!

Holy DLC Batman! Rocket League Shows Off New Car

Psyonix, developer of Rocket League, announced this past week that they will be releasing the newest Rocket League DLC with a hand from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Get ready to play some Car Soccer with the help of the Dark Knight’s Black Stallion. No we’re not talking about Batwing. We are of course talking about the Batmobile. That’s right, prospective Heroes of Got...[Read More]

Wii U News Roundup from Nintendo Direct 11.5.2014

With the year coming to a close very soon Nintendo is at it again with yet another Nintendo Direct. While Aron is busy working on the announcements from the 3DS area of things I’m busy with the round up of things on the Wii U side. Now enough babbling on my end and let’s get to all the awesome news that came from todays Nintendo Direct. Let’s start with Mario Kart 8 since everyon...[Read More]

E3 2014: Forza 5 Nurburgring Circuit DLC Out Today FREE on Xbox One

Moments ago it was announced that the┬áNurburgring Circuit is now free on Xbox One. No other details towards Forza 5 has been announced, but stay tuned in our next post about Forza Horizon 2. Expect the DLC to be fun and you’ll be sure to see one of our staff writing about it after he has the chance to check it out.

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