Wii U News Roundup from Nintendo Direct 11.5.2014

With the year coming to a close very soon Nintendo is at it again with yet another Nintendo Direct. While Aron is busy working on the announcements from the 3DS area of things I’m busy with the round up of things on the Wii U side. Now enough babbling on my end and let’s get […]

Guitar Hero DLC Catalog Expiring at End of March

It’s a sad day when you learn that all the DLC for Guitar Hero will be taken down, right? It seems downloadable songs for Activision’s many Hero based games (Guitar Hero, Band Hero, etc.) will no longer be on sale March 31st, via the company announcement. Personally, I played the living hell out of Guitar Hero […]

NIS America Announces Collaboration Between Demon Gaze and Disgaea

NIS America is very pleased to announce and show off some screenshots of the collaboration between the upcoming dungeon-crawling RPG Demon Gaze and Nipppon Ichi’s well known Disgaea franchise! Honestly, if you’ve yet to play the Disgaea franchise you should get started soon. The Disgaea games range from PS2 up to PS Vita so don’t […]

Review: New Super Luigi U (Wii U)

sibling rivalry – n. the competition that exists between brothers or sisters, but especially brothers; often characterized by jealousy over each others’ mustaches, physical prowess and the ability to woo princesses Sometimes it can be tough to have a brother. If you are half of a pair of brothers, you are probably constantly being compared […]

Is Orientation the Next Black Ops II DLC?

So it looks like yet another DLC name for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has been leaked to the public. This time the DLC is called Orientation but this hasn’t been confirmed by Activision. The DLC seems to include four new maps; Water, Mobile, Southpaw, and Plane, as well as a new Zombies level called Dead […]

Port Royale 3 Gets New Pirates and Merchants DLC

Kalypso Media, publishers of games such as  Tropico 4, Jagged Alliance, and many more have an announcement. The news is that Port Royale 3 has new DLC titled “Pirates and Merchants.” I wonder what this themed DLC could be about?! Would you like to know? Then keep on reading.

Giveaway: Left 4 Dead 2 – Cold Stream DLC (360)

WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Congratulations to Brodie and Leon Durham! Left 4 Dead 2 is one of my absolute favorite zombie themed games. I disapprove of a lot of zombies in video games, because they either rarely make sense (Call of Duty) or they’re not well implemented. Left 4 Dead 2 makes sense and is wonderfully implemented, […]

Caption Contest: RAGE – The Scorchers DLC (Steam)

WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Congratulations to Austin Baroudi and eugaet! Over a year ago, RAGE came out to less than high praise and low consumer adoption. This was unfortunate, because as I said in my review, it was not a bad game. It was not the best of its genre, by any means, but it wasn’t bad. […]

Giveaway: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Hearthfire DLC (360)

WINNER ANNOUNCED: Congratulations to Mr. Nerve Damage! Three and a half months ago, give or take a few days, Bethesda released the second of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s DLC packs: Hearthfire. Hearthfire allowed the player to build his or her own homes across Skyrim, customizing each one (to a certain extent) as the player […]

New Dance Central 3 DLC Coming This Week and Next

Are you a huge Dance Central fan? Honestly, I can’t help but download each track that releases and as you remember Gangnam Style and other songs were announced to be coming  soon. What is the news today? Harmonix is proud to announce that Usher tracks will be releasing this week. Those songs are featured below!

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