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Androids Come To Life In This Call of Duty Black Ops III Easter Egg

I have always been impressed with the easter eggs that Call of Duty has been able to pull off. They have another big one. As you may or may not know, in the Call of Duty Block Ops 3 map Nuketown 2065, there are androids that litter the map. If you shoot all of their heads off within two minutes, they will run after you like the zombies do in the zombie mode of the game. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE...[Read More]

C2E2 Cosplay Highlights

There was just too much coplaying goodness to capture in its entirety, so here are a few of my favorites. My personal best in show goes to the Bumblebee cosplayer featured in the video. Bumblebee Transformer Cosplay at C2E2 from Aron Deppert on Vimeo.

Book Review: Doctor Who

Recently, BBC released three brand new novels based on its incredibly popular franchise, Doctor Who. I could have easily reviewed each book from Broadway Paperbacks separately, but there is a reason all three are being reviewed together. We have three different novels, and they are:

Review: Doctor Who Wave One Bundle (PS Home)

I’m not what one would call an avid fan of PlayStation Home. I’ve been aware of it for about half a decade, and I had a few opportunities to experience it shortly after its launch, but it’s not something that ever hooked me. I had used PC based avatar chat rooms in the past (the mid 90s), and I had been a hardcore IRC user since the early 90s, but much to Home’s detriment, ...[Read More]

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Remote Giveaway

Are you an avid Doctor Who Fan who has watched nearly every episode? Of course you have! Now if you haven’t there might be a huge problem with me since you haven’t been there since the Doctor first met Rose. Some of you might be asking why I haven’t started during the classics but I feel as if I enjoy the current generation more. I could let it slide by about some of you viewers ...[Read More]

Doctor Who Coming to PlayStation Home

Last week, LOOT Entertainment teased a live stream audience with a new trailer, titled “Soon.” The trailer was short, and didn’t have much video content, but there was a very deliberate noise. Some may have contended that it sounded like Godzilla in heat, but they would be a vocal minority. Needless to say, this morning’s announcement shouldn’t come as too much of a s...[Read More]

Doctor Who Limited Edition Gift Set Coming November

Are you a fan of Doctor Who? It’s had a major surge in popularity over the last couple of years here in the States, so it’s more and more common to find people who are becoming fans of the classic series. If you’re one of the ones who has yet to watch any of it, then you need to boot up Netflix or purchase/borrow the series, because you’re missing out! I didn’t start ...[Read More]

New Who In Time For Christmas

The fourth of the BBC’s Doctor Who games, published by Sumo Entertainment, is going to be available just in time to slide it into your virtual stocking.

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