Remembering Dead Space – Gameumentary

Until here recently, I had never played through any of the Dead Space games. Almost immediately after finishing Dead Space 2, the news comes out that Visceral Games had been closed down. Even at that moment, as a new fan of this phenomenal (well, mostly) franchise I was crushed at the thought that this series probably wasn’t coming back anytime soon. I went on to finish the entire trilogy on...[Read More]

Gameumentary Arrives on Kickstarter

Gaming history has always been a pursuit for me, whether its looking up old interviews, past advertisements, or reviews from long gone publications. In the past couple years though, I’ve discovered a new way to fuel my hunger for video game history, documentaries. While there are already some excellent productions out there, many of which I have covered before, I was delighted to find Gameum...[Read More]

Mother to Earth – An Earthbound Documentary

There are countless stories in the gaming world that need to be told, with many going untold due to the way the game industry often treats archival efforts. When efforts to tell this history arise, it piques my interest. Mother to Earth is a documentary telling the story of the discovery of an Earthbound Beginnings copy almost a decade before the game was officially released by Nintendo and the pa...[Read More]

Toco Toco TV Shows Inspirations of Japanese Artists

Creativity is such a hard thing to determine its origins. What inspires a particular work of art? What did that individual experience that could have lead to this need to create? Just who is the artist? Toco Toco TV is a series of documentary-like videos that follows a Japanese creator to a place that inspires them. Completely unscripted, the artists choose wherever they like and the cameras captu...[Read More]

Box Art Documentary Sheds Light on Lost Art

Now is a time for me to show my age with the typical “back in my day” slogan. Back in my day, video games were covered in art. In the glory days, before the back box art was crammed with small text in every known language, used probably to avoid some sort of legal issue, there was artwork on the cover of the box, the instruction manuals, and the game itself. To be frank, its all but a ...[Read More]

I’m Still Here – Movie Poster Released

Well over a year ago, Joaquin Phoenix seemed to fall off the diving board of sanity, landing a superb belly flop into the swimming pool of ridiculous celebrity behavior.  2009 saw Joaquin entertain us to an extent unimaginable by even General Maximus Decimus Meridius.  With Casey Affleck (younger brother of the manager of Fashionable Male at the mall) filming every minute of his delirium for a ...[Read More]

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