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Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladio

I will admit, its not often that I even consider doing a full review for downloadable content. However, there’s enough to talk about for this DLC that it warrants some discussion, resulting into some sincere criticism that I would love for Square Enix to consider for future content. Sure, some games almost add seemingly better content well after release, while Square Enix seems to be enrichi...[Read More]

New Pokemon Marshadow is Coming Soon to Sun & Moon

Sure sure, the Nintendo Switch and Breath of the Wild have been dominating the times of Nintendo fans here of late. However, the Pokemon Company have just released a teaser for why we should dust off our 3DS systems and jump back into Pokemon Sun and Moon. Even though hackers have known about this new Pokemon for a while, we finally have an official announcement about Marshadow.

Nintendo Hops On the DLC Train for 3DS/Wii U

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced the company’s plans to pursue purchasable DLC on the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U during a Q&A session at Nintendo’s earning briefings July 29.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 DLC Coming March 15

The details of upcoming DLC from Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 were released by Konami today. The downloadable content promises a bunch of updates for the game on the PS3, Xbox360 and PC platforms. There is no news whether the Wii or PSP versions of the game will also receive updates. The DLC will be available March 15.

The Origins of Zombies

With every paranormal or mythological creature, there is a plausible back story that can explain the origins of the creature. So, let us take a moment or two to explore some popular creatures found in today’s culture and media.

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