E3 2011: First Glance at the Wii U

Nintendo pulled a slightly expected fast one on the crowds of people at 2011 E3. In the chaotic mess of E3, through the thousands of people swarming around, and the hundreds of games being presented, there was new hardware being presented, only one year later after Nintendo announced their new handheld, the 3DS. The Wii […]

E3 2011: Kirby Mass Attack

We’re all familiar with Kirby’s bottomless pit of a stomach and uncanny ability to copy his food’s abilities, and we’ve seen Kirby used as a golf ball (Kirby’s Dream Course), placed in patchwork (Kirby’s Epic Yarn) and roll along various locales on Pop Star as a ball (Kirby: Canvas Curse). But we haven’t seen Kirby […]

E3 2011: Captain America: Super Soldier

Superhero video games do not exactly have a reputation for excellence. For every X-Men Arcade, there are two Superman 64s. When you get into superhero video games that are released as tie-ins to superhero movies, it gets even worse. For every Spider-Man 2, there are five games like…well…Spider-Man 3. So while I await the release […]

E3 2011: Super Mario 3DS

If it isn’t broken, you don’t fix it. You make improvements to it instead. At least that seems to be the concept behind the newly revealed Super Mario for the 3DS. Slated for release some time around the holiday season of this year, Super Mario for the 3DS seeks to incorporate the depth provided by the […]

Review: Universal Gadget Wrist Charger

Mobile technology is, quite frankly, one of the scientific advancements I am most thankful for. We are living in Star Trek (minus warp drive and sexy green women), and when I sit back and think about that, I am simply amazed at how far we have come in such a short time. Now, for the […]

Limited Edition DSi Bundles for Pokémon Black & White

With the release of Pokémon Black Version & Pokémon White Version on March 6th, Nintendo is giving customers the opportunity to buy limited edition etched DSi bundles containing the new games and carrying cases.

No Pokemon RPG on the Wii

Junichi Masuda, co-founder of Game Freak and director of Pokemon Black & White talked with IGN recently about the new Pokemon game coming out for the Wii. Are you excited about that game? Are you thinking that maybe, with the Wii being an online console and all, we could get a fully fleshed out, gotta catch […]

Radiant Historia: The Next RPG You Need to Buy

Today I had the opportunity to sit in on a live demo of Atlus’ next big RPG, Radiant Historia for Nintendo DS. I’ve been wanting to sink my teeth into a good RPG for quite some time, and I feel confident in saying that Radiant Historia is going to be awesome.

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