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Hyakki Castle Reveals 2-Party Split Combat, Monsters of Japanese Myt

“Never split the party.” It’s wisdom handed down from generations of RPG experience, and reinforced in almost every horror movie, and every episode of Scooby Doo. Now upcoming 3D real-time dungeon runner RPG Hyakki Castle has decided to flip that bit of time honored advice on its head, with an entire combat system built around splitting the party. Madness!

Divinity: Original Sin II – PAX West 2017 Preview

As stated in other reviews and articles I’ve written, I’m a big fan of the classic dungeon crawler RPGs. Games like Baldur’s Gate, Ice Wind Dale, Diablo, and plenty of others are just a few of my favorites. That feeling of running through adventures and stories; it genuinely feels like the developers had taken some of my favorite fantasy novels and brought them to life. Epic story, adventure, and ...[Read More]

Vikings – Wolves of Midgard Review

I have always had an affinity for dungeon crawlers, I used to stay up into the late hours playing Diablo on my grandma’s computer and ever since then I was hooked. Upon hearing about Vikings – Wolves of Midgard, a dungeon crawler featuring Vikings I found my interest was high. Not to mention just a little bit of pride, being from Minnesota and all. Some of my favorite games of all time inclu...[Read More]

MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death (PS Vita) Review

Dungeon crawlers are downright abundant on the PSVita, probably more so than any other console of today or yesterday. Even at the international level, which is weird considering how these games mostly have been successful in the hands of Japanese players, but these games have caught on over the years. Most of the dungeon crawlers utilize that telltale first-person exploration, slowly uncovering ma...[Read More]

Quest of Dungeons (3DS) Review

The rogue-like genre has always been about the risk/reward system that usually comes from only having one life. Typically, the genre focuses on tight decisions, incredible skill, and a little luck. Quest of Dungeons is a rougue-like dungeon-crawler that emulates the Mystery Dungeon series, but in a much smaller fashion. Where I had trouble getting into games like Shiren the Wanderer, which had lay...[Read More]

Quest of Dungeons (3DS)

Quest of Dungeons is a simple rouge-like, dungeon-crawler that has been on a multitude of consoles in the past couple years. The addictive game is now available on the Nintendo 3DS' E-Shop, completing the game's simplicity with portability.

Ray Gigant

Ray Gigant puts players in a desolate Japan after strange beings known as Gigants ravage the world. As most of the population is gone, its up to those wielding special weapons, who are also not of this world. Will the heroes overcome their bleak existence or die fighting against impossible odds?

Stranger of Sword City Review

Difficulty is something that some gamers crave. Dark Souls is the biggest testament to this, as its one of the most challenging, but rewarding franchises to come out of the last decade. With sales of the series skyrocketing and sure to go up again with the third installment, (see Rob’s review) it’s clear that how challenging a game is can make or break its overall design. Stranger of Sword City ta...[Read More]

Stranger of Sword City

Stranger of Sword City, a dungeon crawler, hardcore RPG is coming to Vita on April 26th. After a plane crash leaves the hero in an alternate dimension, what strange things await in a world with a whole new set of rules.

NIS America Announces Collaboration Between Demon Gaze and Disgaea

NIS America is very pleased to announce and show off some screenshots of the collaboration between the upcoming dungeon-crawling RPG Demon Gaze and Nipppon Ichi’s well known Disgaea franchise! Honestly, if you’ve yet to play the Disgaea franchise you should get started soon. The Disgaea games range from PS2 up to PS Vita so don’t miss out!

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