Episode 7

Daddy Gamer Episode 07: Quest for the Code

Quest for the Code is an oddity of a game that sits very close to my heart and relates to something that has always been pretty important to me. Asthma, more specifically what happens during an attack and how to manage it effectively. It’s an educational game centered around this idea, and packed around it is an assortment of characters and a plot that MST3K would have had a blast with. I wa...[Read More]

Year 1 – Episode 7 Recap

Our Friday the 13th episode started with some unlucky technical difficulties, resulting in a late start of almost 10 minutes!  We sincerely apologize, but we were so busy playing on our new Wii that we didn’t take the time to confirm that everything was ready to go.  Our bad. This episode saw Lindsey in aluminum devil horns (which were easy to do since all she did was wrap them around her re...[Read More]

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