Night Trap Limited Run Release Out Now

One of the influential titles that helped bring about the ESRB, Night Trap, is getting a re-release on PS4 coupled with the full collector’s edition treatment from Limited Run Games. Fans of this title have plenty to look forward to including a documentary by My Life in Gaming, a vinyl of the game’s soundtrack, t-shirts, and more. Not only that, but another game in the FMV adventure ge...[Read More]

Bioshock: The Collection Appears on ESRB

Leaks are something that the game industry faces constantly. Just the other day, most of those with their eyes on gaming journalism outposts like ours knew that Final Fantasy XV was launching on Sept. 30th. A few months ago Bioshock: The Collection was spotted on a rating site, sparking excitement for one of the best franchises of the last generation that was being kept alive on the current consol...[Read More]

Mortal Kombat Sets Really Weird Records

The people at Guinness have a lot of free time and like to count things. Somehow they have turned this into a career. Today we look at the things they have counted in relation to Mortal Kombat, a game series which, surprise surprise, has a new installment coming out next Tuesday. God I love being topical.

ESRB Releases App, Helps Parents Make Smart Shopping Decisions

If you’re a gamer, then you’re probably aware that right now there is a major Supreme Court case going on right now regarding how mature games will be handled. Depending on the decision made, the entire industry can be negatively impacted, but the ESRB has just released an app for iOS and Android devices that could greatly help the fight.

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