Fall Out Boy

Rock Band DLC For 3/22/2016

Ripping the Band-Aid off for you hardcore rock junkies quick: It’s a Pop Week for DLC. The good news, these are actually really good songs from a few years back. The downside is I get a prediction wrong from a few weeks ago, but I am very happy I got this one wrong. The songs this week are:

Rock Band 4 March Update Drops This Week

Hello out there (Marooners’) Rockers! Harmonix released a bit of information this morning for Rock Band 4; some that we knew before, and some that teases what is to be coming up in the next few weeks. First the old.

Thank You Activision!

Alright friends of Meh, I promised that today we would be getting something special in the mail for our One Love for Chi/Blogathon fundraiser, and it’s here! Originally the delivery was slated to arrive around 3 in the afternoon, so I was surprised when the FedEx guy came around 11. Each box weighs about 26 pounds, and it reminded me of the days when I worked at GameStop as an Assistant Mana...[Read More]

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