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Funko Releases New Pop! Football items for Football Fans

Are you a football fan and have your favorite team? As someone who lives in a family who LOVES football one shouldn’t look the other way when it comes to football games. Personally, I’m into football games (High School and […]


Review: Backbreaker Vengeance (XBLA)

I’m going to level with you right off the bat: I’m not a huge American football fan. I’ve been a fan of the Green Bay Packers since the mid-90s, but only because Green Bay rhymed with Green Day (who had […]


Review: Kinect Sports (X360)

First, there was Wii Sports and stories of people letting go of their controller mid-tennis match and smashing their TVs. Then, PlayStation Move came out with its version, Sports Champions, and we heard the same stories. Well, Xbox’s Kinect takes […]


Top Spin 4 Announced – With Totally Radical Pre-Order Bonus

The Persian side of my family has always been deeply into Tennis and Soccer (football, if you’re not American).  When I would visit as a kid, the summer would be full of watching one particular player: Andre Agassi.  In the […]


New FIFA 11 Wii Details & Screenies

Today, EA Sports announced that there will be two main game modes in FIFA 11 Wii. One will be the traditional 11 vs. 11 style, but the big surprise was the addition of a street-style mode.


World Cup 2010 Schedule

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!?  The 2010 FIFA World Cup starts this Friday, June 11, and runs through Sunday, July 11.  There are a lot of games, on a lot of days, at a lot of different times.  It […]