Destiny 2 Gameplay Promises a Cinematic Sequel

Bungie’s first gameplay trailer at the Destiny 2 Reveal shows just how much they have been listening to the fans. Best part about sequels in video games is just how much feedback developers have to use and how they implement that into future titles.

Terrible Posture Games Unveils Mothergunship

Earlier today, developer Terrible Posture Games and publisher Grip Digital, unveiled its upcoming PC and console game, Mothergunship, which combines two genres into one terrifying bullet-hell FPS hybrid experience.

Romero and Carmack Reunite to Bring a New FPS to PC

The phrase “you can’t go home again” is certainly appropriate in most cases, but leave it to luminaries John “I Wish I Had His Hair” Romero and Adrian Carmack to prove us wrong.

SUPERHOT leaves its mark. Literally.

Well know for its original game play and art style, SUPERHOT brought a refreshing change to the often played out FPS genre. With its surprising release, this unique game has left its mark on the gaming world; In the best way possible. Recently, SUPERHOT has left a different kind of mark in the Polish city of Lodz. Artists work together to bring the iconic crystalline antagonists to new heights in ...[Read More]

Review: Call of Juarez: Gunslinger (XBLA)

Like many kids of the 90’s, I watched western movies when I was little. I always loved the idea of being a bounty hunter! To be a good guy and go around collecting or killing people in the name of justice was always a fantasy of my childhood. Bounty hunters seemed to me like superheroes; they always had faster gun skills than the bad guys, had a higher intelligence and fought for justice. At...[Read More]

Wolfenstein: The New Order Announced

Bethesda Softworks has not released much info on Wolfenstein: The New Order. Below you will find the teaser for the upcoming game. Wolfenstein: The New Order is set to release in the fourth quarter of 2013 on Xbox 360, PC, PS3, and next generation consoles. For those who have not played any of the series you still have time to catch up before the game is released.

New Trailer Black Ops 2 Trailer Released for Nuke Town 2025

Who’s looking forward to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2? Come on, let me see you in the comments below… Anyways, I’m really looking forward to killing some zombies, and late nights with friends. It wouldn’t be fun without that, right? Playing solo isn’t as fun with all the games out that allow you, friends, and the online community to have fun. With the release date right ...[Read More]

Review: No Scope Screen Sticker

Everyone wants to improve their video game performance. There are all kinds of things that you can do to improve your accuracy, reaction times, and more. Some people buy controllers built for certain genres or even certain specific games. Some people buy accessories that modify existing controllers. Some people buy things that actually modify the display in some way. There are a lot of things in t...[Read More]

Review: Nexuiz (XBLA)

The third entry in the House Party event for this year, Nexuiz is fast. More than any other word, that one best describes the frenetic and exhilarating experience of any of the game modes that Nexuiz has to offer. Sure, the name may be a dorky carryover from the Quake mod that inspired it, and yeah, you might find a deeper story in a Gallant and Goofus comic from a Highlights magazine you pick up ...[Read More]

Review: The N-Control Avenger

The Avenger controller mod by N-Control is touted by its creator as a mod that avenges disadvantages and even makes other modified-from-the-ground-up controllers better. We’ll see if it can it give you the edge on your competition. David Kotkin, designer and creator of The Avenger, developed the controller add-on out of necessity. In the design stages, David got some assistance and input fro...[Read More]

Review: Battle: Los Angeles (XBLA)

When I think of Konami my mind doesn’t go towards the FPS genre at all, so when I found out that they were teaming up with Saber Interactive to create Battle: Los Angeles, a FPS based off of the (supposedly) horrible movie of the same name, I got a bit worried. Yeah Konami is the same company behind the Metal Gear franchise, but last time I checked gamers aren’t going all Master Chief ...[Read More]

Conduit 2: Multiplayer Hands-On

As we approach the halfway point in this week of Conduit 2 goodies, we start to get to the thing a lot of shooter fans seem to always clamor for: the chance to take down your friends and rub it in their faces. In what promises to be the most intriguing aspect of this game, here’s this sci-fi shooter’s multiplayer.

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