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Larian Studios Advent Calendar – Free Stuff!

Larian Studios, the ones behind the Divinity Original Sin I and II games, is doing an Advent Calendar! Each day promises digital prizes with more stuff to raffle off throughout the season! The calendar comes in the form of a comic that releases a new page each day with a hidden number somewhere in it. Find the number, click the link, submit and receive the exclusive goodie! The details for the Lar...[Read More]

Like Free Stuff? Download the Bulletstorm Soundtrack!

As gamers we are so spoiled. Many of the titles coming out now have fantastic soundtracks, yet sadly they are never released for the fans to enjoy (seriously, why is this becoming a common trend?). Epic Games, being the awesome individuals that they are, have recently put up a link on their website allowing all to download the complete soundtrack to their latest hit, Bulletstorm.

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