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Games with Gold Offer for December 2017

With Black Friday just barely in shoppers review mirrors, Microsoft’s Games with Gold offer for December 2017 seems less exciting than it originally did when the offer was first announced. On November 22nd, Major Nelson and the Xbox team announced December’s Games with Gold line up before the holiday festivities kicked off, making two of Xbox’s Black Friday Deals irrelevant. Whet...[Read More]

September 2017’s Games with Gold Offers

Rockers, the end of summer is upon us and with it comes the return of warm clothing, pumpkin spice treats, and the return of football season. Although it may be getting colder in the northern hemisphere, Fall is a great time to stay inside and play video games or to go for scenic drives in order to enjoy nature. With the September 2017’s Games with Gold offer, players will have the option to...[Read More]

August 2017’s Games with Gold Announced

Over the last two days, rumors regarding August 2017’s games with gold offers have been abundant, with a variety of sites covering the alleged leaks for next months Games with Gold. Although some of the rumored offers seemed like they could be legitimate contenders for August 2017’s Games with Gold offer, many sounded too good to be true. Some of the most notable rumors included Forza ...[Read More]

July 2017’s Games with Gold Is a Co-op Summer Blast

Rockers, Summer is just one week in, but Microsoft is looking to help Xbox Live gamers cool off from the heat with a variety of co-op games to play throughout the summer. July 2017’s Games with Gold offer will provide players with a fun variety of Co-Op experiences that will entertain for hours on end. Most of July 2017’s Games with Gold offer are rated E for Everyone, so parents don&#...[Read More]

June 2017’s Xbox Games with Gold

Rockers, we are less than a month away from the biggest gaming convention in North America where developers from all over the world will converge to show off the projects that they have been working hard on over the last few years. With E3 2017 within arm’s reach, gamers from around the world have started to speculate which of their favorite franchises will be shown at the event or leaked days pri...[Read More]

Games with Gold for May 2017 Announced

Ladies and Gentleman, we are less than 2 months away from the biggest video game convention of the year.  This year’s E3 might be the biggest event in recent gaming history with Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft planning to show what they have planned for the Nintendo Switch, PS4 Pro, and Project Scorpio. Microsoft looks to tide over its community with a special May themed Games with Gold offer ...[Read More]

Backlog Burndown #21 – Invisible Knight

Greetings Backloggers! A new month always means new freebies from various game services; to keep pace, I needed to finish three games this week to compensate for April’s Games With Gold offering. Appropriate then, that first up would be another Games With Gold acquisition: 2014 top down brawler Knight Squad.

April 2017’s Games with Gold Offer Announced

Earlier today, Xbox Austria published a photo revealing the Games with Gold for April 2017 offer before Major Nelson made the official announcement. At the moment it is uncertain whether or not Xbox Austria’s publication of Games with Gold offer for April 2017 was accidental or if they got permission from someone higher up, only Xbox knows the answer.

Games with Gold For March 2017 Announced

Every once in a while you need to get away from the garbage life throws at you. During those moments, it is best to stay calm and do something you love in order to take your mind off of those troublesome worries. Like last year, Microsoft will be given away a Borderlands game to Xbox Life Gold members through the Games with Gold program.

Games with Gold for February Announced

Rockers, we are less than a week away from February and while you may be busy planning that special moment for your significant other for Valentines Day, Major Nelson and the Microsoft team have announced their sweet gift for the Xbox Live Community for the Games with Gold for February 2017.

Games with Gold – January 2017

Lost boys and girls, the new year is upon us and with it a lot of prospective changes. One minor change from 2016 is the January 2017 Games with Gold offer. So you may be asking yourself, “Should I sign on to Xbox Live and acquire the January 2017 Games with Gold offer instead of sticking to my New Year’s resolution?”

December 2016 Games with Gold Offer Will Keep You Warm

Lost boys and girls, we are half way through the month of December so you know what that means? Yes, you are right that Christmas is ten days away and sixteen days away from a whole new year, but it also means that a new December 2016 Games with Gold title will be available starting tomorrow.

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