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Remembering Dead Space – Gameumentary

Until here recently, I had never played through any of the Dead Space games. Almost immediately after finishing Dead Space 2, the news comes out that Visceral Games had been closed down. Even at that moment, as a new fan of this phenomenal (well, mostly) franchise I was crushed at the thought that this series probably wasn’t coming back anytime soon. I went on to finish the entire trilogy on...[Read More]

Gameumentary w/ Bill Gardner on Bioshock

Gameumentary is a project I’ve been following for the past couple weeks, bringing me even more documentary goodness to dive into after a hard day at the office. While filming their piece on Perception, the team spent some extra time talking with Bill Gardner about his work on Bioshock. The latest episode is now available on Gameumentary’s Youtube channel, which primarily focuses on the...[Read More]

Gameumentary Arrives on Kickstarter

Gaming history has always been a pursuit for me, whether its looking up old interviews, past advertisements, or reviews from long gone publications. In the past couple years though, I’ve discovered a new way to fuel my hunger for video game history, documentaries. While there are already some excellent productions out there, many of which I have covered before, I was delighted to find Gameum...[Read More]

Mother to Earth – An Earthbound Documentary

There are countless stories in the gaming world that need to be told, with many going untold due to the way the game industry often treats archival efforts. When efforts to tell this history arise, it piques my interest. Mother to Earth is a documentary telling the story of the discovery of an Earthbound Beginnings copy almost a decade before the game was officially released by Nintendo and the pa...[Read More]

Cancelled Game Primal Rage 2 Now Playable

Once again emulation proves its worth as a necessary tool to preserving and unearthing video game history. Primal Rage 2, a fighting game that was never released and was thought to be more of an urban legend, is now fully playable via emulation.

Coleco – The Official Book Coleco – The Official Book Review

As a retro gamer, there is a lot of history to take in that all began with the simplest concept of the video game. Pioneers in bringing these games to home televisions, Coleco is a name many know to be around during the age of Atari and woodgrained consoles. Coleco – The Official Book, written by Antoine Clerc-Renaud and co-written by Jean-Fran├žois Dupuis, is a chronicling of the often unsun...[Read More]

Coleco – The Official Book

An official collection of Coleco's history, sanctioned by Coleco, for Coleco fans. Includes a look at the company's earliest days, as well as the legacy they left behind. Also included are a variety of interviews with old Coleco employees, as well as community members.

Nintendo Power Archive Offers Over a Hundred Issues

Video game history is a bit of a hobby of mine, in which I sometimes enjoy diving deep into the biographies of big developers and their stories. Just last year, I picked up Masters of Doom to learn John Romero and John Carmacks’ interesting tale. The problem with being into video game history is there isn’t nearly the plethora of written content available like there is for other histor...[Read More]

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