The Evil Within 2 Xbox One Code Giveaway

With the Xbox One X now out, many of you are looking for new games to play. Who isn’t! Well, today is your lucky day as we here at Marooners’ Rock will be giving away one lucky reader a copy of the game. If you’re new to the site we happen to welcome you to the site. For those of you that often come here, you’ll know the rules when it comes to giveaway. As you can clearly g...[Read More]

Enter Our Neverwinter: Tomb of Annihilation Gorgon Mount Giveaway!

In celebration of free-to-play action MMORPG Neverwinter: Tomb of Annihilation’s launch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 12th, we have partnered with Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios to give 100 lucky Marooners’ Rock readers a Vert Stained Gorgon Mount (Xbox One) or a Teal Stained Gorgon Mount (PlayStation 4).

GIGANTIC Airship Supply Drop Giveaway!

Since its launch on Steam, a bunch of us here at Marooners’ Rock have been playing a ton of Gigantic, Motiga’s new free-to-play strategic hero shooter. And now we’ve teamed up with Motiga and publisher Perfect World to give everyone a leg up on the competition!

Marooners’ Rock Destiny 2 Beta Key Giveaway

We are mere days away from the PS4 and Xbox One beta for the highly anticipated Destiny 2! If you haven’t gotten a chance to pre-order Destiny 2 or you’re just unsure if you want to, then you’re in luck! As you all know we here at Marooners’ Rock LOVE giving away free stuff! We have been given keys for the upcoming Destiny 2 and we are more than happy to give some away! I know I ...[Read More]

Xbox One and Windows 10 GIGANTIC Beta Code Giveaway

If you’re like me I’ve been playing the game Gigantic for quite sometime even before Perfect World Entertainment picked up the game. Did I have a great time during the alpha and beta? Hell yes I did! I had enough fun playing on both the Windows version as well as the Xbox. Now the time has come for more in-game testing and thanks to the team at Perfect World Entertainment we have been ...[Read More]

3.5 Million Xbox One Prominence Poker Chip Giveaway

Yes, you just clicked a link in which we’re giving away in total 3,500,000 worth of poker chips out to those who play Prominence Poker on Xbox One. If you stick with us you’ll find out in the future if we’ll be doing other formats, but for now we’re here to grant a total of 10 people 350,000 chips for in-game. Let’s get started shall we?

Happy Dungeons Founders Pack Xbox One Code Giveaway

If you happen to be like me you greatly enjoy the team from ToyLogic and their creation called Happy Wars. I’ve lost count on how many hours I’ve put into the game. If some of you remember it was announced that the next game from them was titled Happy Dungeons and since that time I’ve been on the look out for details. That was until the surprised everyone with the release this mo...[Read More]

Severed PS Vita Code Giveaway

Hello One and All!!! We’re here with a new giveaway as you guessed it and we’d like to hook three of you up with this really fun PS Vita game called Severed. Our one and only Robert Work did a review on the game, which you can find by clicking here. Trust me when I say you’ll be missing out if you don’t enter to win this game. Now let’s get into how you’ll enter...[Read More]

Prominence Poker Steam Closed Beta Code Giveaway (Get One Before It’s Gone!)

Gaming doesn’t always have to be about the bang bang slice curse word explosions. Sometimes we just need some traditional gaming presented in cool ways. That’s where Prominence Poker comes in. The Closed Beta is getting in full swing and we have quite a few codes to hand out.

Project Triforce Black Mask Arsenal Replica Giveaway

Hello One and All!!! Yes, I know you’re coming to this page to win an epic prize, right? Of course you would like an awesome item. Well if you remember not long ago I did an unboxing live on and made the announcement that we at Marooners’ Rock will be giving one lucky person a Black Mask Arsenal replica from Project Triforce. You can find that news here.

Warframe Xbox One Dragon Mod Pack Giveaway

If you’re like me and play Warframe on Xbox One quite often, boy do we have some news as well as a giveaway for you. Thanks to the team behind the game we’ve been granted 25 codes for the Dragon Mod Pack for the Xbox One version of Warframe. However, I’ll give some good news and bad news now. Good news is the 25 codes and the Bad news being that Gleam only lets us give away 10 at...[Read More]

Bounty Hounds Online Closed Beta Giveaway

Looking for your very own Bounty Hounds Online Closed Beta code? Well you’ve come to the right place! We here at Marooners’ Rock have been granted 1000 closed beta codes for Bounty Hounds Online.  What is Bounty Hounds Online? Keep on reading and find out. Now you might ask yourself, how do I get a code and where do I go to redeem it? You can find out this information below along with ...[Read More]

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