Mad Catz is Back with New Products

As many of you remember, less than a year after the demise of Mad Catz. The company Mad Catz is back under new management and this means new ideas and a new attitude is being brought to the table. Known for their award-winning range of R.A.T.™ gaming mice, arcade FightSticks, gaming headsets and so much more. The team is focusing on quality and will be providing top-of-the-line products. Pe...[Read More]

HyperX Cloud Alpha Headset PAX West Hands-On

I game and travel—A LOT. I also stream, host events, and (if I can’t sleep) game in bed. So, it’s important to me have a headset that is comfortable, reliable, and produces high quality sound so I can hear everything going on in my games. The HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro Gaming Headset was released at the end of September, but before it was, I got a hands-on—or rather, head-on—preview of it. I can tell ...[Read More]

HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset Review

Hyper X/Kingston has been working on a lot of hardware, which ranges from ram, mice, keyboards and even headsets. At PAX East 2017 I had the chance to check out quite a few products in person, but one headset I got the chance to review was the Cloud Stinger. What is this headset? The HyperX Cloud Stinger is a Lower-end Gaming Headset that retails for $49.99. The real question though is, how good c...[Read More]

Lucid Sound LS40 PAX South Hands-On Preview

With PAX South being in full swing at the time, one of my many appointments was with the Lucid Sound team. Some of you reading may know that in the past we have done a review of the Lucid Sound LS30 Wireless Headset. When I saw that they were introducing the LS40 as a flagship product, I knew I wanted to stop by and have a listen.

LucidSound LS30 Wireless Headset Review

There are so many headset manufacturers on the video game market these days, it’s not even funny. If it’s not Microsoft or Sony making specialized headsets for the Xbox One and PS4 (respectively), then it’s someone like Astro Gaming, Turtle Beach or SteelSeries attempting to corner the market with some new-fangled surround sound-compatible headset ready to blow the minds off game...[Read More]

VOID Headset Review

There are a lot of gaming headsets on the market these days – a lot of them built with sheer devotion in mind – so you want to make sure you have yours made for proper capacity, especially when it comes to long-term use. The Corsair Gaming VOID Surround Hybrid Stereo Gaming Headset, one of the latest models from the company, definitely had potential to get to that point. Unfortunately, it can̵...[Read More]

VOID Headset

Corsair VOID headsets not only feature great sound but are comfortable enough to stay on your head for long gaming sessions. The fast forward design features light weight, contoured ear cups, and other leading edge tech. Corsair VOID headsets are the ultimate synthesis of performance and comfort.

Review: TRITTON Warhead 7.1 Wireless Headset

Mad Catz, with their TRITTON line of Xbox 360 exclusive headsets, seem to be well on their way towards the construction of an auditory weapon of mass destruction. Don’t follow? Let’s take a look at their 360-exclusive range and see if things become more clear. Are you in the market for an entry-level wired stereo headset? Try out the Trigger, or the Detonator. Perhaps wired just doesn&...[Read More]

CompuExpert Releases Airhead 1000 PC/Mac Headset

A new wireless PC/Mac headset has made its way to market, thanks to CompuExpert and its TekNmotion Airhead 1000 wireless headset. Winner of the 2011 RedDot Design Award, the Airhead 1000 looks like a clean headset for enjoying media, gaming, and music on a PC platform. The omnidirectional transmitter and receiver grant the wearer 30 feet of movement and freedom without the hassle and subjugation o...[Read More]

Review: Tritton Detonator (360)

I am the kind of person who appreciates a good headset, especially during the peak of my work year. During the busiest time of the year for my job, I generally have to be out of bed by 5:30 in the morning so that I can get to work by 6:30. I must be quiet as a doormouse to keep from waking my wife, who generally tends to wake up grumpy (sorry, love). On occasion, I get “sick,” and have...[Read More]

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