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My Top 10 Favorite Deftones Songs

Since the purpose of this Blogathon is to raise money for Chi Cheng, bassist for Deftones, it’s only fitting that a post be made about their music. The Deftones have been around for over 20 years. Starting in 1988, I […]


One Love for Chi/Blogathon Fundraiser is on!

** Update – Since writing this post, prizes from Activision, Central Valley Buzz, Mumbo Jumbo Games, and the ECA have arrived. More packages are expected any day now, so check back often!** Hey there readers! So I know that on […]


Blogathon Announcement: And Our Charity is….

Hello there World of Meh! readers. Last month I told you all that we would be doing the Blogathon again this year. I also hinted at what our charity would be. I did get a couple of guesses, but nobody […]