My Top 10 Favorite Deftones Songs

Since the purpose of this Blogathon is to raise money for Chi Cheng, bassist for Deftones, it’s only fitting that a post be made about their music. The Deftones have been around for over 20 years. Starting in 1988, I was only 6, and while, sadly, I wouldn’t learn about them for many years to come, it was well worth the wait.

One Love for Chi/Blogathon Fundraiser is on!

** Update – Since writing this post, prizes from Activision, Central Valley Buzz, Mumbo Jumbo Games, and the ECA have arrived. More packages are expected any day now, so check back often!** Hey there readers! So I know that on July 1st we were supposed to start with our Blogathon fundraiser, but there was an issue with their site and servers. We were told to wait until Monday, and it’s...[Read More]

Blogathon Announcement: And Our Charity is….

Hello there World of Meh! readers. Last month I told you all that we would be doing the Blogathon again this year. I also hinted at what our charity would be. I did get a couple of guesses, but nobody got it right. With sign-ups officially starting on July 1st, I figured I should let you all in on who we have chosen this year. Think you know who it could be? I’m proud to announce that this y...[Read More]

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