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UPDATED: Conduit 2 Developer Calls for Internal Retaliation Against Author of Negative Joystiq Review

Conduit 2, the sequel to 2008’s The Conduit, was released for the Nintendo Wii console in mid-late April to what can only be described as…varying reviews. Seeing wildly disparate reviews is not uncommon on the Internet, where everyone has a chance to be heard (if they yell loud enough); not everyone is going to have the same opinion of a game depending on personal preference, experience, and more....[Read More]

Review: Conduit 2 (Wii)

After all the waiting, finally I get to play Conduit 2. In this sequel to Sega and High Voltage Software’s popular Wii shooter, the stakes are higher as Michael Ford continues to chase his enemy Adams across the planet. Should we follow along? Let’s find out.

The New Multiplayer Trailer for Conduit 2 is Awesome

Oh SEGA, how we love thee! To end the week on a sweet, sweet note, a new multiplayer trailer for Conduit 2 was released today and it’s ridiculously awesome.

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