Perception – Interesting Concept, Disappointing Execution

Back in 2015, developer The Deep End Games started a Kickstarter for an indie project known as Perception with one of the mains selling points being that the team had members who originally worked on critically acclaimed games such as Dead Space and BioShock. Perception’s concept alone was enough to grab me once I saw the team behind it. Perception puts players in control of a blind woman, who mus...[Read More]

Little Nightmares Review [Xbox One]

Horror games are all the rage. Whether its zombies, serial killers, the unexplained, or mystical, horror content will always be available as long as the public keeps buying it. It’s why we had to sit through seven SAW movies after all. Little Nightmares was sold to me on the basis that it preys on childhood fears. Maybe my childhood was different from an average kid, but I didn’t find anything abo...[Read More]

Five Nights At Freddy’s Game Teased

Leave it to good ‘ol Scott Cawthon to throw his followers into a tizzy with yet another cryptic image on his website that could be a hint to a new Five Nights at Freddy’s game or at the least some other project. What does this weird, cartoon style image of Freddy crawling upwards mean? An animated short perhaps? Hell if I know, but its good to see Cawthon is going to continue bringing ...[Read More]

Friday The 13th: The Game- Review (PS4)

When you hear Friday the 13th, what comes to mind? A crazed killer stalking and disposing of overly horny teenagers in gruesome ways? How about one of the most successful slasher series of all time? Both are true, but what about video games? In the almost 40 year run of the series, only two have been made, one for the NES and now Friday The 13th: The Game on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Kholat Headed to Xbox One This June

Kholat, a horror title developed by IMGN.PRO for PC and PlayStation 4, is headed to Xbox One on June 9th, 2017. Originally released in 2015, Kholat is based on the true events of the Dyatlov Pass Incident in 1959, which “took the lives of nine Russian students who went on an expedition in the northern Ural Mountains.” No one knows what happened to these students, and in Kholat, your on...[Read More]

Ad Infinitum – Atmospheric Horror in the Trenches of WWI

The world of horror gaming has visited a ton of environments over the years. From the twisted asylum of Outlast to the claustrophobic house of Resident Evil 7, players have been spooked in a lot of different places. StrixLab are taking players to a unique place to crank up the scares with their new upcoming title Ad Infinitum. Can players escape the madness and the demons of the trenches and hell ...[Read More]

Nevermind (Xbox One) Review

Every day, thousands of people around the world are affected by the things that they fear most. Sadly, many do not know why they are afflicted by these fears and let these fears control their actions. What are you afraid of the most? If someone offered to help cure those fears would you be willing to give it a chance? Will you be able to save your patients in Nevermind or will their warped mind ha...[Read More]

Uncanny Valley Review

It’s no secret that I love horror. Movies, games, TV shows, all of it. I have played every Silent Hill game, every Resident Evil game, and everything else that has come and gone. In this modern age of third person and first person horror games we have been given an amazing gift in Uncanny Valley by the Cowardly Creations development team.

Yomawari: Night Alone Review

Horror is something that’s not easy to pull off in any medium. Lucky for gamers its a little easier in the world of video games, if not a spectacle with more parts to use. Putting the player in the role of the character involved in the scary situation can take something that’s fairly tame in a movie and make it absolutely horrifying in a game. It’s wild how that little bit of int...[Read More]

Yomawari: Night Alone

One night, a young girl is out walking her dog. Little does she know that doing so will spark the events of a night that would change her life forever. Where is her sister? Where did she go?

Sundered, the New Game by Thunder Lotus, Announced Today

Thunder Lotus Games released Jotun almost exactly one year ago, and its hand-drawn animation, bad-ass female Viking protagonist, and deep attention to Norse mythology gained them a solid fan base from the Kickstarter to the current Valhalla Edition. Now they’re back with the highly-anticipated sophomore effort, entitled Sundered. This announcement comes just before TwitchCon 2016, where thou...[Read More]

Allison Road Back in Production

Back in June 2016, the developers of the Kickstarted horror game Allison Road announced the cancellation of the project. Fans everywhere shed tears as Allison Road picked up the hole of want left by P.T., which was going to be Silent Hills. However, Christian Kesler has decided to go forward with working on the game by himself after losing the support of Team17, the company that picked him up duri...[Read More]

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