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Humble Bundle Offers XCOM Declassified for Free

This is a final reminder that The Bureau: XCOM Declassified is currently being offered for free. Humble Bundle is currently offering 2K’s 2013 Cold War Tactical Shooter as a gift for the Holidays. If you partake in this holly jolly gift, an email will be sent with a 10% off code for Humble Bundle Monthly. This month, get Quantum Break, The Long Dark, and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II and more w...[Read More]

A Hat in Time Out Now on PC and Mac

Adorable platforming? Space travel? Mustache twirling nemesis? A Hat in Time has the kind of description that oozes of a simpler time in gaming. Inspired by Gamecube-era platformers, A Hat in Time brings all that nostalgia into a new title, one that was successfully funded via Kickstarter.

Dirt 3: Complete Edition 100% Free on Humble Store

Until 1PM EST Saturday, Dirt 3: Complete Edition will be completely free on the Humble Bundle Store. For a limited time, all you need to do is “purchase“ it on the store for zero dollars and the code generates immediately to your Humble Bundle account. Do it before it’s gone, as the offer is for a very limited window.

Capcom Goodness in new Humble Bundle

Ah, what a great service Humble Bundle is. For those who are unaware, Humble Bundle has been teaming up with game developers and charity groups in an effort to raise money for those in need, by providing heavily discounted games in bundles. While they mostly deal in PC games, mobile and console games, books, comics, and movies have been featured. Over the years, many larger companies have been all...[Read More]

E3 2014: Twitch and Humble Bundle Team Up During E3 2014

E3 2014 start-up is only hours away and the news is already flowing this early in the morning. What’s going on this early? Moments ago it was announced that Twitch and Humble Bundle are teaming up with an awesome promotion, which I have provided all the details below and what games as well. Starting today at 9:00am PDT you can go to ( to get access to an...[Read More]

Kalypso Media Humble Weekly Bundle

Today starts a new Weekly Bundle over at Humble Bundle. What is it this week? Games published by none other than Kalypso Media. Kalypso Media is known for publishing games such as Dark, Tropico, Jagged Alliance and much more including the upcoming Demonicon that I can’t wait to play. Why can’t I wait to play it? I had hands-on with an early build a year ago, and it was great. Anyways, ...[Read More]

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