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Empathy – Path of Whispers Preview (PC)

Video games remain one of the most unique opportunities to tell a story, in ways that no other medium can. Playing in an interactive world has so many chances to connect to the player in front of the screen and developers all over the world have been experimenting to find new ways to share their ideas. Empathy is one of these attempts, a first-person narrative about solving the mysteries of once f...[Read More]

StarDrive Now Available on Steam!

What do space bears and spaceships have in common? I’m not quite sure but they both appear in Iceberg Interactive’s 4X space-strategy game StarDrive. In this game you’ll be able to explore, expand, exploit and exterminate to your heart’s content. You will be defending your own territory against those who would take it. You can either use diplomacy or brute force in your cam...[Read More]

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