Award Nominations from PAX East 2017

Boston, an often overwhelming city, offers one of the best opportunities to see the newest games and ideas in the industry. Six of our writers descended into the city from all over the country and we want to take the time to show some of the most noteworthy games we had the pleasure to check out. Now, it is important to note that there were far too many games for us to see. There was no way we cou...[Read More]

World of Goo (Nintendo Switch) Review

World of Goo has been around for quite some time, being a fairly unique PC game that could run on just about any computer system of the last ten years or so. In fact, it was one of the first full games I was able to run on my junk Windows XP machine way back when. Now, this classic puzzle game has made its way to the Nintendo Switch, but is there enough in this port to entice new players or is it ...[Read More]

Limited Run Announces New Physical Releases

Limited Run have jumped in popularity over the last year, quickly making the company the go to place for collectors of physical editions of games. Each release is made with a limited number of units, hence the name, while also being one of the only ways to get these games in physical form. Specializing mostly in PS4 and PSVita titles, Limited Run have just announced a slew of new games on the way,...[Read More]

IndieBox Brings Back Boxed PC Titles

I’ve always been a huge fan of physical games, which has led me to pursue a lot of special releases through companies like Merge Games or Limited Run. This is mostly how I expand my video game library on consoles, but there’s another company working on bringing back what made PC gaming so much more fun in its earliest days. IndieBox creates affordable collector’s edition games fo...[Read More]

Nevermind (Xbox One) Review

Every day, thousands of people around the world are affected by the things that they fear most. Sadly, many do not know why they are afflicted by these fears and let these fears control their actions. What are you afraid of the most? If someone offered to help cure those fears would you be willing to give it a chance? Will you be able to save your patients in Nevermind or will their warped mind ha...[Read More]

IndieBox Becoming IndieSox for April Fools Day

While this time tomorrow our news feeds will be filled to the brim with ridiculous jokes, IndieBox has a different way to celebrate. What started as a joke became a phenomenal success. This year, IndieSox is at it again, providing indie love for your feet! This strange, yet awesome way to celebrate April Fools also helps out Stack-Up, a charity that supports military veterans.

Pato Box combines Punch Out with Mad World

While I was at PAX it was easy to get distracted due to the sheer amount of sensory overload. From the masses of people shuffling about in a current of sorts throughout the expo hall to the tall statues and displays that dominated the scene, there is just so much going on. While tracking down a particular booth, the crowd somehow coaxed me into a little corner of the show, where I saw a black and ...[Read More]

Songbringer, a Zelda-like Roguelike, hitting Consoles and PC this Summer

Nathaniel Weiss, an ambitious game developer out of Oakland, California, has been tirelessly creating a unique experience with his game Songbringer. This one-man team does everything in the development process, art, music, mechanics, literally everything. Now, he’s getting a little hand with the indie publication and development group, Double Eleven. Double Eleven are the ones responsible fo...[Read More]

Rad Rodgers: World One Review

It’s pretty obvious was Interceptor Entertainment was going for in Rad Rodgers: World One, a classic 2D Platformer with the humor style of Conker’s Bad Fur Day that shows tribute to the Apogee-era of games. This platformer aims to capture all the awesome vibes of being a 90’s kid that’s obsessed with video games, thrust in a dangerous world. Unfortunately, Rad Rodgers: Worl...[Read More]

Top Ten Upcoming Indie Games of 2017 and Beyond

The world of independent game development has blossomed into a plethora of varied experiences, showing off levels of quality that rival studios with much bigger budgets and more people working for them. This is mainly in part to vastly superior distribution methods, with a lot of credit going to Steam and programs that support indies like the Xbox Live Arcade. We’ve seen games made in the si...[Read More]

Quest of Dungeons (3DS)

Quest of Dungeons is a simple rouge-like, dungeon-crawler that has been on a multitude of consoles in the past couple years. The addictive game is now available on the Nintendo 3DS' E-Shop, completing the game's simplicity with portability.

BOSS – A New Atari 2600 Game

Alright, so even though I’m a bit of Retro Guru here on Marooners’ Rock, I will admit that my knowledge of anything prior to the NES is pretty hit and miss. While I can name off most of the consoles after the NES in order or release and spout off all the cool little features of each, I never had much interest in anything before that magical gray box. That’s mainly because prior t...[Read More]

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