Tekken Coming to Mobile Devices

Tekken is coming to your Mobile devices! There is nothing better than kicking butt on the go! Namco Bandai announced that they will be releasing their popular fighting franchise to mobile devices as a soft launch in Canada starting today. The game will be available for IOS and Android devices.

Review: Cling! (iOS)

Looking for a cute and fun game to play with tons of challenging levels? You’re going to want to check out Cling! on iOS. This game isn’t out yet for Android users but hopefully it will come out in the near future. Cling! was developed by First5 Games. First5 Games’ team consists of founder and CEO, Dustin Clingman, art director, Allan Alegado, and developer and designer, Mike Ar...[Read More]

Wesley Snipes Stars In New Episodic iOS Game

Birthed deep within the Arctic Circle, Finland, comes a new episodic game that will change your iPad and iPhone forever. On August 11th the game’s first episode that is going to leave you at your boiling point will be released. Staring Wesley Snipes and developed by Lapland Studios in association with Elstree Studio Productions, Red 27 Films and Maandi Media Holdings presents Julius Styles: The In...[Read More]

Review: Freedom i-Connex Bluetooth Keyboard

Mobile technology is an incredible thing. When I went to E3, the only things I put in my messenger bag for appointments and the floor was a composition book and my iPhone (and other basic necessities, like energy bars, water, a charging cable, etc.). Almost all of my photos and videos were taken using my iPhone, but I still had to take most of my notes in the composition book. While the iPhoneR...[Read More]

Review: Universal Gadget Wrist Charger

Mobile technology is, quite frankly, one of the scientific advancements I am most thankful for. We are living in Star Trek (minus warp drive and sexy green women), and when I sit back and think about that, I am simply amazed at how far we have come in such a short time. Now, for the love of Trelane, science me up a new battery technology to keep my devices running longer! As I await that next leap...[Read More]

Review: LUXOR: Amun Rising (iOS)

MumboJumbo Games hits it out of the park again with LUXOR: Amun Rising for iOS devices. In this new chapter of their Egyptian marble franchise, MumboJumbo sticks to their tried and true formula while still pushing boundaries for the fans and delivering a new experience.

Review: Double Dragon (iOS)

When you think of classic beat-em-up style games, Double Dragon has to be high on your list. Double Dragon was one of the early beat-em-up games that made going to the arcade with your friends worth your while. The NES port changed things up a bit, with only one person playing at a time and Jimmy, one half of the Double Dragons, serving as the main villain. As consoles advanced, the game inevitabl...[Read More]

Review: Shadow Ranch (iOS)

Over the past several months I’ve played a couple Nancy Drew games, but they were always for the PC. When I heard that a new Drew game called Shadow Ranch would be hitting iTunes I was curious to see how the PC gameplay would be implemented on a smaller scale. I was surprised when I was presented with a proper story rather than a hidden-object/puzzle game, but that’s not necessarily a ...[Read More]

Review: RoboSockets (iOS)

iPhone games are a dime a dozen these days. Some are good, but a majority of them are absolutely dreadful. Fortunately for Tatem Games, the team behind RoboSockets, they fall into the good category.

Review: Pucca Noodle Rush (iOS)

As a lover of time-management games and all things cute, I knew I had to get my hands on the new iOS Pucca game by Bigben Interactive, Noodle Rush. If you’re unfamiliar with the popular Pucca, she’s a 10-year old girl who is the niece of three noodle shop owners. Since Noodle Rush was the first Pucca game I had ever played, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

Angry Birds Rio to be Released in March

First we had Angry Birds. Then, Fox created Rio. Then, someone combined them. Read on for more details!

Review: The Pantheon Cycle: Shrouded Aspect (iOS)

Shrouded Aspect, the first of what will probably be many games in The Pantheon Cycle by Gilligames, is a turn-based RPG for iOS devices. I happen to be a fan of RPG’s, and I do love a good turn-based game (especially Civilization), so I’m having a hard time as to pin-pointing why I couldn’t get into Shrouded Aspect.

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