Review: Tropical Slots Deluxe (iOS)

Tropical Slots Deluxe, by Battery Acid Games, is a cute little indie game for iOS devices. While the game costs a mere $0.99, I often wished that it had a bit more oomph.

Angry Birds: The Board Game!

Are you sick of wasting all the time you have flicking birds at pigs on your iPad? Yes? Well, good news for you! Soon you’ll be able to waste all the time you have flicking birds at pigs on your tabletop!

Review: Family Feud Decades (iOS)

For over a week now I’ve been playing Family Feud Decades on my iPhone. As a huge fan of the television show I was really interested in getting my hands on this game. Having played iPhone and PC versions of regular Family Feud, I was curious to see how Decades would be different.

Best & Worst Video Games for 2010

It’s officially 2011, so it’s time to recap and present to you all our choices for the best and worst video games that came out in 2010. We’ve all been working on this for months, changing some of our choices as new games came out, but what you see below is what we’ve all finally settled on.

Review: Where’s Waldo in Hollywood (iP)

We all remember Waldo from out childhood. His colorful books made it look like we were actually participating during reading time in primary school. Now he’s got a game for iOS devices that will help us look like we are taking notes during that busy office meeting. Where’s Waldo in Hollywood is your new favorite finder.

Review: Flick Buddies (iOS)

Bane Games, an indie studio based in Brisbane, Australia, recently released Flick Buddies which is ridiculously awesome. Everything about it, down to the character design, is so fun and so addicting, and if you don’t have this game on your iOS device, do so right now.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Now Available on Apple Platforms

Lara Croft travels to the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

ESRB Releases App, Helps Parents Make Smart Shopping Decisions

If you’re a gamer, then you’re probably aware that right now there is a major Supreme Court case going on right now regarding how mature games will be handled. Depending on the decision made, the entire industry can be negatively impacted, but the ESRB has just released an app for iOS and Android devices that could greatly help the fight.

Review: The Amazing Race (iOS)

Recently Ludia and CBS Mobile released The Amazing Race, a game based off of the popular television show of the same name, for iOS devices. We were fortunate to get our hands on the iPhone version, and as a person who has never watched an episode of the TV show, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

Get Ready to be a God on Android and Windows Phone 7

An established series on the iPhone is always a great accomplishment. So why not spread the fun everywhere else? Pocket God is coming. Let the smiting begin!

Steampunk Christmas Carol For iPad You Say?

Because steampunk makes everything 1000 times better. Do not argue. It is math.

Mod Chip Criminals

Console modding may very well become a criminal offense in the near future. This last Tuesday, a trial began in Southern California that could begin the creation of a much larger definition as to what a person is legally allowed to do with the products they buy.

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